Cups and Lids-Their varieties and demand forecasting until 2017


Plastic materials will see maximum demand both in drinking cups and lids

Platic-cps-and-lidsThe Food service industry also known as the food catering business is speedily growing in all parts of the world. This is a sector of preparing and providing food from source other than home. This practice of making and providing foodstuffs in the form of meals and snacks is done in both large and small scale. This industry has many sub sections which help in the entire process of delivering satisfactory service to customers. These food preparations need to be served in containers according to the food delicacy prepared; a sizable number of orders also come in as parcels making the use of special containers unavoidable. This is where the introduction of plastic cups, containers and lids is essential.

Today, the hotel industry along with many others cannot manage their businesses without the usage of plastic and other material containers and lids.

Worldwide demands for Cups and Lids:

The global demand for all cups and lids will be around 5% and the plastic cups and lids will outperform with a growth of almost 6% for the period from 2012 to 2017. The market value for plastic cups and lids is projected to reach a share of $13.9 billion out of the total value of all cups and lids industry would gross $25.9 billion till the finish of 2017. As stated above, the demand for cups and lids both from the plastic and non-plastic materials will come from the foodservice industry as it will serve 3/5h of the global market demands until 2017. The demands for cups and lids are forecasted to rise as the number of coffee shops all around the globe. The fastest growth in demands for these cups and lids is mainly from the food and beverage industry as its packaging segment is growing with every passing quarter.

Notorious eating trends and its advantages for maintaining a healthy lifespan is spreading awareness and thus demands for specially designed cups, containers and lids are on a rise as these are accordingly manufactured to hold on these food stuffs or drinks in the most appropriate manner.

Plastic Cups and Lids top the ranks:

Demands graphs more or less have been on the upper levels all around the globe, however, developed nations being more economically powerful experience larger usage of these cups and lids. Especially the ones made of plastic material are extensively utilized as it is readily available and easy to pack and carry.

The demands for these cups and lids are estimated to increase in developing regions which are also famous as emerging economics like Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Country wise; India, China, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico are few of the nations that are ought to witness a rocket rise in the usage.

Market research conducted suggests that these demands will be encouraged by the increasing utilization of expensive biodegradable, compostable products along with some recycled options.