CYBER MONDAY 2014- provides a crunchy closing bang to the shopping weekend


Cyber MondayYeah…finally the holidays have kicked-off and guess what? They have begun with a bang as expected. Since the last 27th of November, which was unlike any other-it was the thanksgiving Thursday; there have been assumptions and predicted numbers flying everywhere online. Starting with the Thanksgiving Day, followed by the black Friday and the weekend yesterday was an end to it (countless offers and discounts). Hence, now it’s time for the real business, it’s the time to count the numbers and put the verdict out for the year 2014. For most of the shopping brands this is the moment of result (the very first round though) as there are couple of other occasions-Christmas and New Year.

So how has the performance been on the Thanksgiving cum Black Friday weekday and which of days scored the highest sales. Numbers spill a different result; it is the outcome which many of us had actually predicted about. It is the CYBER MONDAY which has been the largest contributor to the total sales that happened. Well the power of social world talks yet again and quite strongly this time too.

According to fresh reports (6 hours old when copy was drafted) from a renowned business website the sales from Cyber Monday have shattered all the records from the past. There has been a crazy online demand from the customers all around the globe as people today are more used to the online medium of shopping. The total online sales ratio saw an 8.7% hike as compared to last year according to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.

Similar sources proved the previous market research predictions right as they put the sales of mobile phones on top-it is said to rise by a whopping 30% (29.3% to be exact) and it was 1 out of every 5 transactions that were made during the day. Although the trends were directing towards the upwards all day; the average spending per transaction remained around $133.07.

However, the trends very well indicate that the online retail industry is about to witness its phase of all time as the shoppers have turned out to be more digital savvy and are thoughtful about their coupon usage. They are more efficiently comparing the products, their specifications and prices and making the righteous choices. This “being-fluent” practice is all set to make life even tough for the online shopping brands.

The Cyber Monday 2014 has been a day unlike any other as customers have behaved in the most intelligent manner in their ways of comparing and picking up the best bargains according to the National Federation’s Online arm This Cyber Monday has been the busiest since 2010 according to the website.

Expectedly, there was lesser buzz on the Thanksgiving Day but the numbers at last had a serious dip when compared to 2013 as there were almost 6 million lesser customers who came to the stores. This has resulted in an 11% slash coming down to just a total of $50.9 billion.

This massively unexpected decline was blamed on the early promotion activities from retailing brands like Wal-Mart and others.