DAWN OF THE DRONES AND THE UAV ERAReputed agencies researching on Drone and UAVs “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” technology has discovered that the industry is ought to touch a business worth of around $8.4 billion by the end of 2019. The reports further furnishes details about commercial utilization of UAVs will top the chart although presently it is dominated by the military usage purpose. The future is entitled to have a market for SUAVs (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which are estimated to have a 5 times larger market for hobbyists and 2.3 times bigger that for the military purpose by 2019.

According to market research studies, the market for commercial UAVs is calculated to undergo a CAGR of around a monstrous 51% for the years 2014-19. These UAVs are believed to be on demand in their small sizes which are also popular as SUAVs. For military usage, defense contractors recognize models like Elbit systems, AeroVironment and Aeryon. Likewise, hobbyists are well familiar with models like DJI, SenseFly, Parrot and 3D Robotics.

Therefore, looking at the constantly growing demands for commercial UAVs especially the SAVs; there are several SUAVs manufacturers coming up with newer concepts of aerial vehicle in partnerships with private parties around the world. Drones are one such development which is catching pace with the global delivery systems. Leading e-commerce companies are using drones as their automated delivery vehicle which is saving them lots from their resources.

There are a lot of internal developments, partnerships and acquisitions and investments taking place within the industry all together which are going to result into massive acceleration of the drone and UAVs industry globally. It is just couple of months ago one of the frontier airspace company AIrware has launched an operating system for commercial drones, this operating system will enable drone operating companies to adhere with safety and regulations and insurance obligations.

Lot of Money is about to go airborne:

Venture capital finding is the key for investments in the drone industry, in 2014 there were a total of 29 deals recorded worth $108 million according to the data available with the concerned authorities. Amongst all, Airware is noted to be the best-funded drone startup which has managed to rise a funding worth $40 million from several venture capital investors. The latest for the company was an undisclosed funding amount that sourced from Intel Capital which has also pumped in money into PrecisionHawk, another drone startup.

Around 1 million UAVs are estimated to be used worldwide in 2015 alone


Real money in Drones…is not in hardware:

Experts are sure that the ‘real growth’ in the drone industry isn’t going to come from selling the hardware but it is the applications and related services that helps run the hardware which is the money spinner. Hence, the world of drones is just not limited to be a mere automatic door delivery platform but it is an actual information services architecture that has unprecedented growth potentials in the coming years.

Moreover, gone are the days when drones were just a thing used in the secretive military missions and e-commerce drone deliveries, they are ought to be in use with the hobbyists and this trend is likely to be followed worldwide. Hence, drone suppliers are keeping this in mind and including more advanced commercial applications thereby enhancing facilities for the use by commoners.