“Dead” Batteries in your trash bin have 80% energy left UNUSED!!!


Batteriser could one day partner with any leading battery manufacturer and sell a combo package.

BATTERISERThe next time you are about to dispose a “dead” battery into the trash bin, just give it a second thought. The reason being that you are about to throw off a battery which has 80% of energy still remaining in it. Battery manufacturing companies will never throw this secret out as they will be hurting their business profits if they do so.

What is the concept?

Actually, with the technological innovation there has been a revolutionary discovery which will change the AA size battery industry once for all. It’s the “Batteriser”- the $2.5 battery sleeve which insures that batteries run eight time longer by squeezing the remaining power in the batteries; which you generally throw off.

Average working of batteries:

A general AA size battery will run out of power after 240 minutes of operating a remote control, 95 minutes of playing a portable speaker and 38 minutes of running RC toy. These batteries start working at 1.5 volts of energy and the power starts declining as the energy is used up. Once the battery slide beyond 1.35 volts it appears dead; yet it has lot of energy left which is unused.

The discovery of Batteriser is done by a Computer Science professor of California State University“Bob Roohparvar”.

Bob Roohparvar claims that by utilizing Batteriser, one can suck out much energy by almost 8 to 9 times. Remote control can go on till 1,185 minutes, the speakers can play for 570 minutes, the RC toy can be operated up to 355 minutes, which is 9 times more than the normal usage.

Battery Industry Worldwide:

According to the research works done by Bob, the global disposable battery industry is worth $14 billion. There are around 15 billion disposable batteries bought every year and there are about 5.4 billion battery operated devices used globally. It is needless to mention that these numbers are ought to rise in the coming years.

At $2.50, Batteriser makes a typical AA battery last as long as eight times


In any ways, the Batteriser seems to be a product that will shake up the massive energy backup industry. It is surely an affordable option as compared to the rechargeable batteries as it is providing lithium performance batteries at an alkaline price tag.