DTH in India to touch $5.3 billion by 2020


By 2012, four players accounted to 88% of the market share

DTH-in-IndiaDTH “Direct to Home” was a fancy term by the end of 2003 when it all started. 2nd October, 2003 was the day when Dish TV Asia’s largest direct-to-home entertainment company dared to change the method of television (TV) viewing in the country. However, with the absolute domination of the analog cable services throughout the country its expectations were too low. It was an idea of providing entertainment on a much direct form that is straight from the satellite to the television sets at the customers place (homes, offices or others). But as mentioned; with the fixed habit of viewing more number of channels at a comparatively cheaper rate was hard to beat.

Initial Days of DTH in India:

The DTH industry in India had a modest start with its inventors themselves keeping the minimum of expectations. Even the most positive review for this kind of TV viewing only forecasted a lukewarm development of not more than one tenth of the total TV households in a span of 10 years. With such moderate expectations the company only had four transponders using which they would provide a mere count of 48 channels; this was termed to be a disaster compared to the analog cable services which got customers 60 or more channels that too at a cheaper price. However, within a span f 5 years from its introduction the industry grew to a height which wasn’t predicted by anybody.

It surpassed all predictions:

All the forecasting went down to the drains. In the same decade old period the industry in realism had a total of 37 million above customers with a household share of 23%. Speaking about the competition part within the circuit of DTH, Dish TV the company that started the technology in India never expected to have more than two contenders; however alike all other predictions this too turned wrong. There are more than 6 players in the industry at present and going by the speedy developments the count may go up soon.

Thus, DTH industry in India has grown fast and highly competitive. The sector is adding more than 9 million customers per annum this is 4 times higher to its counterpart.  Increased demands and upsurge in the service providers has bought down the prices of the set top box to unpredictable levels. A set top box which had an introduction price of 2,300 INR in 2003 is costing a mere 500 INR now and the recordable set top box is valued at around 1,200-2,500 INR according to different service providing companies.

According to a market research; DTH is pegged to be an industry worth more than 5 billion with 42% of the total viewership. Digitalization has come up as a great innovation that is bringing in the high definition TV viewing culture into the country. Further private providers offer the flexibility of pick and choosing the channels as per their preferences. This provision is not available with the digital cable providers. The stage seems to be set, with the technological edge and an impressive packaging technique the DTH operators are ought to race miles ahead cementing their dominance from the burgeoning digital cable service providers.