DTH Market of India to Cross $5 Billion in Next 10 Years


DTHThe World of Digital Home Entertainment

Remember the days when TV viewing was literally left at the mercy of your local cable operators. The irritation of bad cable reception, annoyance of vanishing channels, the regular cable blackouts and the arrogant behavior of the cable guy. All the above things surely made our temper high as the TV viewers had very little or no choice at all. Watching TV sometimes had become more of a headache rather than a mode of entertainment and relaxation. But as the time passed by, a technological relief knocked the door of the television owners. This technology was the Direct to Home Digital TV or now commonly known as DTH service. This technology brought a revolution in TV viewing system.

The DTH or Digital TV platform fundamentally works on two instruments, set top box and a mini dish receiver. The service provider uplink all channels from broadcasters to its satellite and then the satellite transmits these channels in digital format to the mini-dish fixed outside your home or on the roof of your terrace. The mini dish antenna transmits the channels to the set top box which decodes the channels and sends them to your television, giving you a unique television viewing experience with DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. As this technology evolved, the entire scenario of television viewing changed completely. Now the consumers had a variety of options as DTH service providers opened a chain of multiple options for its subscribers. In addition, with many players coming in the DTH market, consumers had plenty of alternatives to choose from on the context whose service to take or not. Companies like Tata Sky, Videocon, Airtel and Reliance have quite a good slice of market share of the DTH services. In addition with arrival of HD services the DTH market got an uphill thrust. As the viewers can experience and enjoy 5.1 surround Sound, 1080i resolution and 16:9 Aspect ratio that matches your HDTV resolution and allows you to view unbelievably vivid colors, sharper and detailed pictures.

It also provides with various facilities which could have been never imagined before. In this you get to choose your own pack of channels and amount you intend to pay for. Plus there are abundant channels to choose, ranging from general entertainment and news to regional language channels. Also there are several active services consisting games, learning, music etc. You can also enjoy new movies at the comfort of your home by the Showcase service the DTH connections offers. Now a day, the HD set top boxes even comes with the recording services so that you can record your favorite programmes and watch it at your convenient time.

As the DTH sector is continuously growing and the subscribers all over the country, ranging big cities to small villages, are mostly opting for DTH services. As entertainment companies are launching new channels on the regular basis and mainly on HD platform, the demand for DTH has soared exceptionally. The competition among the service providers has intensified very much as everyone is trying to attract more and more customers towards them by offering them various schemes and discounts on their set top boxes and subscription packs. The companies are also offering and promising more services and better after sales care. With the heap of facilities that it provides, the DTH service becomes the first choice for the consumers.