Ebola Virus Infection –Latest Threat to Mankind


Early Symptoms: Fever, Sore Throat, Weakness, Muscular Pains

Ebola-Virus-InfectionIn last few days’ one word seem to be displeasingly omnipresent, it’s a disease form named Ebola Virus and the most worrying fact is its known nature and lesser known details. Though there is no specific information about the killing virus form, some latest research work (which is on-going) spills some details which may help. The ailment looks like an infectious disease starting with fever and sore throat and within hours it turns into multiple infections that affect the kidney and liver in particular. The malady is highly contagious as it spreads similar to a wild forest fire through contact and body fluids. The most important and worry some fact about the disease is that it has a fast spreading capacity and bio of its primary host species is inadequately known.

To make things understandable about Ebola virus to the general public it may be said that is a form of blood infection that begins with a fever and sore throat and gets to the next levels of internal bleeding and multiple organ infection completely destroying the immunity of the infected person. Moreover, the recent continuing attack of the disease is frightening and disquieting as medical records indicate 90% of the infected cases prove fatal. Studies on the infection links to the fruit bats of the Pteropodidea family believed to be the likely host for this wide spread disease, though this has no evidence yet. The first occurrence of this infectious illness was recorded in the year 1976 when couple of cases came up in the regions of Yambuku in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nzara in Sudan. One of these cases originated in a village located by the Ebola River from where the infection.

Presently, this viral infection has broken out vastly and affecting millions of lives in the remote villages of central and western Africa mainly the regions covering the tropical forest areas. Though there is no curing or precautionary vaccine available right now, sources from World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical organizations around the globe are endlessly keeping a watch on the situation and studying the ailment along with its effects. Research Scientists studying the nature of the virus are pretty confident of finding a vaccination shortly.

Nevertheless, WHO has summoned a global emergence due to the Ebola Virus Infection and has directed all countries to bring in precautionary measures. Developed countries along with the medically advanced nations together are investing efforts in order to control the situation and find a possible cure to the devastating illness which has unexpectedly crept up as a threat to mankind.