Electric Vehicles-Powering the Future of Automotive Industry


Electric vehicles industry rocketed by 84% in 2013

Electric-VehicleDriving is seen as a hobby by a bulk whereas it is experienced as a stressful activity for many who have to sit behind wheels on a regular basis. However, the number of people driving is creeping up with every day. Therefore, it is logically that the count of vehicles is going up. The automobile industry is one of the few segments that rarely experience a slowdown in its business. The growing technological developments are creating new spaces for newer cars which are stylist in their looks and better in their performance. There are different versions of vehicles well known worldwide run on petrol; diesel and the latest known are those operating on gas. In fact, there is a lot more remaining to explore for the driving freaks.

Electric Vehicles-showing an electric growth:

Electric vehicles (EV’s) are the newest find in the automobile sector encouraging better drive experience and considering the environmental factor too. This segment of the industry had ended just below the 10, 00,000 units in 2013. According to electric drive transportation association, there was an impressive hike of 84% in the relative sector and there were more than 92,000 units of plug-in vehicles sold in the US alone. The total sales in both the categories-the hybrid and full battery operated units almost touched a mark of 6, 00,000, this portion of sales is a notable 4% of the total sales in the automobile industry .With the growth of this technology which is best known for its eco-friendly features, the car makers are trying to provide a good deal of added technologies which will only be an advantage for these vehicles and gross in higher sales. For example: BMW is soon planning to launch its eco-friendly version the NEWi3 with added technical assistance enabled by collaborating with the renowned communication technology giant Samsung.

Top-Gear Products on lines with Market Research:

According to a market research, the future is bright for the electric motorbikes industry too alike the four-wheeler segment. The two-wheeler segment is still considered to be in the start-up stage when it comes to the hybrid segment but the market is up for a boom as segment leaders like Brammo and Zero motorcycles are launching newer models at attractive price tags engrossing the interest of the potential customers. Moreover, there are electric bike models getting ready for a grand rollout by the industry’s giants Yamaha, Honda and BMW.

A recent study has stated that around 2,000,000 electric engines will be shipped by the end of the year 2014. This information rightly indicates the brisk success for the electric vehicle that is waiting to happen. Zero-emission is the term that at present is widely used in the automotive sector; transport department in the United States are keen in imposing the Zero-emission policy for the good of environment. More than 64% of the Americans feel that using electric vehicles are the need of the hour and essential for protecting the future of earth, however just a bit more than 1% actually have adopted the sort of traveling. This count of using eco-friendly vehicles is ought to increase in the future and hence the industry has a potential for growth in the following quarters. On lines of a special research on the topic, by the end of 2014; an estimated 304,000 electric cars would run on roads. 1, 34,000 out of these would be fully electric vehicles and 170, 00 will be the plug-in hybrid versions. About 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide production will be blocked from entering the atmosphere due to this humongous change.

In addition, a little more than 3.0 million of fully plug-in hybrid vehicles will offer assistance in stopping a further carbon dioxide emission worth 133,000 tonnes.