Enjoy Your Ice Cream, it’s Ice Cream Month


Ice creamI scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream, the song recorded in 1929 by a group called “Waring’s Pennsylvanians has undoubtedly become the song for ice cream lovers. Who could say a no to ice creams far as I know NOONE! Ice cream is universally loved by people of all demographic. What was started by the Persians as coolant for the summers has now become the lifeline for many people and industries. Researchers state that Vanilla and Chocolate is one of the most loved flavors in the whole wide world. Followed by strawberry, butterscotch and other fruit flavors.

There are many ice cream crazy fans around, but they are not to be blamed as they have it in the genes. According to historians ice cream was said to be a luxury. Indian Kings would wait for days for the horseman to bring ice so that they could enjoy their sorbet and royal clans would pay large sums to their chefs to keep the technique a secret. But somehow the recipe managed to come out in public and that lead to the ice creams parlor and factories opening up in the market.

The ice cream market is a very successful market. Thanks to the invention of the refrigerator, ice cream take- away was started that further boosted the demand. A market research report estimates that the US ice cream market will reach $28 billion by 2016.

With so many new ice cream flavors and parlors opening the fans are adding to the list everyday. And don’t forget to eat as many ice creams as you can as it’s the ice cream month and don’t worry, you have Late US President Ronald Reagan’s permission.