Farmers in Abu Dhabi expect a production rise this year


Farmers-in-Abu-DhabiAbu Dhabi and surrounding Gulf regions have shown extraordinary growths in the agriculture produces in the last few decades. This trend of increase in business and revenue from the farming industry is likely to continue even for the current annual. Investments from local and international sources is growing by many folds which is turning to be an advantage for the sector; especially organic farming. According to the observers this growing industry from the Gulf is growing up a determining factor of the changing global food industry.

The Abu Dhabi Farmers Service Centre (ADFSC) recently put their annual production scheduler out and it had 40 products in total for the year 2015-16; which is four more from the last year’s production list.

The harvesting season is about to start from November and according to the framing authority it is projected to supply 31,050 tons of GRADE-1 produce. The production span will last for a total of 34 weeks which will have a peak season period of 15 weeks and a quantity of 1,300 tons is estimated to be produced per week during the duration.

The area used for the purpose:

In order to turn the estimated productions into a reality around 6,526 acres by 4,635 acres of open space is planned to be utilized to field crops. There is also 1,891 acres of space that will field greenhouse crops which is equal to 5,670 individual greenhouses.

Potatoes, Cabbage and colored Pepper top the chat of planned cultivation for the year. These crops along with eight others are likely to cover 77% of the entire produce. Cucumbers alone are predicted to be 41% of the produce; this is likely to be followed by Tomatoes which is likely to be around 17%. Eggplant and Sweet Pepper will feature the list at 4.7% and 4.4% respectively.

Local produce of vegetables are on offer for use in wholesale and retail outlets under the brand name-LOCAL HARVEST


According to ADFSC there is a lot of market research along with product research that is going on and the main motto is to bring on food security in Abu Dhabi and Gulf regions. Providing minimum price guarantee to farmers and protecting them from price fluctuations are some responsibilities which the regulatory body aims to achieve in the present agricultural year.