Fire Equipments- Protecting Your Precious Assets


Fire Equipment

Extinguishing your worries 

Fire is the most devastating and destructive element in the world. Its raging inferno can burn anything or anyone to ashes. Though fire is the source of energy for the humans, it is also one of the deadliest foe for us. It can decimate anything which it touches or comes in its path. Houses, cars, humans, factories, forests; nothing is safe from the infernal destruction of the fire. It spreads rapidly and when it comes in contact with any inflammable article, the consequences are catastrophic. In the past, great cities like London and Rome have been reduced to dust because of this deadly blaze. As it is a major cause of accidents and losses all over the world, the demand of fire safety equipments is also on the rise.

Fire can be caused by several factors. Electrical short circuit, gas leak, lightning, explosion, careless handling of fireworks, chemical reactions and accidents in the kitchen are some of the causes of fire mishaps. This can cause a great amount of damage to life and property. To prevent such thing, fire fighting equipments are greatly useful. They can be used for home, office and industrial purpose as well. There are various kinds of fire fighting tools available in the market today. Fire extinguisher, Fire detector, sprinklers, beacons, water spray system, water hydrants, bulb sprinkler, Co2 flooding system and smoke detectors are some of the apparatuses available in the market. They not only help in controlling the damage when the fire breaks out and extinguishing it, but also prevent it by alarming us in advance. The smoke caused by the fire is hazardous as well. They contain poisonous gases of chemical compound like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbonyl sulfide and carbon monoxide which can suffocate and cause fatalities. Ventilation system, break glass bolts and chain hammers are utilized to break open the glass and outlet points to make way for letting the smoke out during the fire. As it is a major concern for both domestic and commercial safety.

There are several big and small companies selling and promoting these products. For fire safety purposes, there is a big demand for them. This growth of fire security system is associated by advancements in technologies applied for detection, alarming, sensing and monitoring during break-out of fire. Enterprises are offering services such as planning, system designing, installation and project management, system integration, maintenance and management services. Establishments related to oil, gas, mining and transportation have gained improved traction in fire protection systems market, while other sectors such as government, healthcare, manufacturing, academia, and institutional are gearing up. Fire protection systems market has possibilities in enhanced human machine interface solutions, faultless intelligent building applications and wireless sensory networks.

According to fire equipment industry report, market in India is expected to grow greatly in the next five years. The industry revenue of India’s fire safety equipment market is projected to cross $ 4.26 Billion by the end of 2017. The market is being driven mostly by smaller players having regional presence. It is set to experience radical growth in the forthcoming years as a result of increasing awareness among the masses regarding fire safety, security and asset management.