First half of 2015 witnesses 17% growth in Mobile Internet Users:IAMAI


Mobile Internet UsersIndia is striving harder than ever to go techie and the results have started to show. The first half od 2015 has been excellent in terms of internet usage, it has truely been an internet powered phase for India in the last 6 months. Although this was quite expected, the numbers have supassed all projections has they stand at premium. There has been a whopping 17% rise in the internet users base around the country as the number reaches 354 million as per the records from IAMAI (internet and Mobile Association of India).

This increase is a notable one as India registered internet users counts at around 302 million in the year 2014 which was the fastest growth of 32%. The numbers coming from IAMAI have been for great value as it’s jury includes members from globally active companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

The growth in India will be mainly focused and root in from rural areas and non-metros according to the research study.

Unpredicted numbers achieved:

Further it puts a very interesting stats about how India has grown up to become a big internet using region. It indicates that India consumed around 10 years to grow from 10 million to 100 million internet users. The same increased hugely when it reached 200 million users in the next 3 years. However all records were crushed down when it achieved the 300 million mark within a year. These numbers are sufficient enough to show the massive growth path India is traveling when the internet industry is concerned.

60% of 350 million Internet users in India are mobile users, high rise in local language users.


Features responsible for the growth:

Avilability of affordable smartphones and declining mobile tariff have developed the usage of internet on mobile phones. Data connectivity in India is growing to new levels and rural-interior regions are highly participating thus building a strong clientele.

The count of mobile internet users grew by 213 million in June 2015, this was around 173 million during the same month last year. Out of the addition 45 million come from the rural and lesser developed regions; whereas 128 million root from the urban areas around the country.

Mobile internet technology in India is expected to further grow as there is a steady increase in the regional language content, which has a rising effect of around 39% on the mobile internet users. Although urban region only contribute 16% of the traffic of this, experts are confident that it will rise by bounds in the coming years. The local language users on mobile grew by 47% and reached a record number of 127 million in June 2015 alone.