Flipkart and Myntra to close Mobile Websites, Is e-commerce industry going all App?


Flipkart and Myntra to close Mobile WebsitesIn the latest twist in the e-commerce industry, India’s top online retail stores Flipkart and Myntra are working on the lines to shut their mobile websites. This news mushroomed up after both brand’s mobile web pages indicate installation of their applications. According to online buyers, they are frequently receiving messages, e-mails and alerts from these brands encouraging the installation activity. Initially, this was addressed as a wrong move by the industry insiders as they projected that the business would be negatively affected. However, it seems that the brands have found an innovative idea in order to increase its customer base. The installation of their apps has resulted in rise in the users. Moreover, it is about to prove extremely cost effective as the cost of maintaining the websites would be eliminated.

India: an explosive mobile using market-

Presently, Indians are among the top mobile users of the world. It is predicted that by the end of 2019, there would be more than 651 million smartphone users in the country. Mobile users are assumed to grow by 13 times in the next 4 years. According to the company top management, the decision of going all app has been taken after considering the increasing trend of mobile usage in India.

Myntra went in first, will there be many to follow?

Myntra growth is in open for all to see. It is one of the frontier online sellers for the fashion category. However, the industry was shocked when the brand decided to close down its desktop and mobile websites; yet this was found to be a super intelligent idea as 90% of the brand’s traffic and 80% of their sales come from the mobile application. Going by the increasing number of mobile app users it is estimated that more online brands might follow the stride very soon.

As the client is always logged-in with the company’s application on the mobile, it is easy on the part of the brand to address their clients on latest offers and products. In this way, there is very little time consumed along with fewer efforts yet the returns appreciate by many times and However, the speedy decision and implementation of Myntra.com is working on an all mobile plan went through as a shocker to most of the online researchers as they describe this to be a “one of its kinds” implementation not just for the Indian e-commerce industry but also for the global platform.

Completely shutting down desktop and mobile websites may take away Flipkart and Myntra customers to Amazon.com.


A move that may be RIGHT or WRONG-

Flipkart has gone through some aggressive head-hunting in the recent past; one such talked about hiring is of Puneet Soni whom the company pulled in from Google to head their product department and to push their mobile presence. Insiders indicate that the decision to completely do away with the mobile websites was bought in and strongly recommended by Soni.

Going by the stats Flipkart and Myntra together they receive 60-70% of their traffic from mobile applications, yet this leaves notable 30-40% traffic to the desktop and mobile websites. Globally, online retailers such as Target, Amazon, Alibaba and others have carried on with their desktop and mobile websites hence, shutting them down at a go can prove denting for Flipkart and Myntra.

So, it’s a wait and watch game and time will tell if it’s a successful trend in the online shopping world.