Funeral Services- Rendering the Final Rites to our loved ones

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Rest In Peace

Death is the ultimate truth in life. Nobody can and nobody has ever avoided death. As we have born on this planet one day we all have to go. However, it is the most painful and sorrowful experience for the people who lose their loved ones. People break down in tears,cry their heart out, unable to let go their dear one. It shatters them completely as they realize the person they held onto to so close and  loved them so affectionately will leave them forever and they shall never get to see him or her again in their life. There is a total outburst of emotions, people are wrecked from inside and each passing moment become an appalling period for the all of them. The person passes away for heavenly abode, leaving behind their family, friends and relatives in eternal sorrow and grief. And it becomes our moral duty to give the deceased individual a respectful last rite so he or she can leave this world in a dignified manner. Since at that time we are all traumatized and not in a mental state to arrange the things for the departure of our loved one, this is where the funeral service provider comes in for the support.


The funeral service provider makes all the arrangement for giving a proper last rite for the departed individual and their family. Their services include a visitation, a formal service at the place of your preference and transportation to a cemetery or cremation spot. Other public or private assemblies may include a graveside or a memorial service. They also call for the priest based on religion or custom. Request burial, scattering or niche internment, they help you make all the necessary arrangements for these types of services. They also offer a large selection of caskets, vaults, urns, and markers and a variety of personalization items, such as memory boxes and other keepsakes. They also provide hearses, limousines and service vehicles based on family’s needs. They also take care of the obituaries of the deceased person and informing everyone related to that individual. The casket producers are also associated with them as they supply coffins of different shapes, size and material. This may range from wood, steel, bronze and copper. Military Funeral is also offered separately for the dead soldiers and war veterans. As the death is inevitable, the funeral industry is thriving on this harsh reality of life.

According to a market analysis report, the U.S Death Care Service Industry is expected to record an estimated $15.9 billion in revenue. Over the past five years, revenue has grown at an average annual rate of 2.3%, led by increasing revenue from merchandise sales and greater customization offerings. The depression did take its toll on the industry, though with profits falling 3.0% during 2009 as a result of lower customer disposable income and rising demand for low-cost cremations. In the last five fiscal years, the cost of funeral and graveyard services raised steadily. Given the high incomes associated with funeral home products, such as caskets, profit margins remain relatively high compared to many other industries. Due in part to high revenue margins, the size of the business has expanded slowly, with the number of funeral home operators increasing at an average annual rate of 0.8% to an estimated 25,429 in 2013.

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