Furniture Industry Shows a Growing Trend In China


China Furniture IndustryCan you imagine a house without a furniture? The answer to this question is a big “NO”. We need furniture for almost everything we do. For relaxation purposes we require sofa, bed etc., to store things, we need cupboards, cabinets, drawers, racks etc. and the list include many more like table, chairs, furniture used in the kitchen and so on. The demand for furniture has increased drastically all over the world, because of the outburst in the population with enhanced buying power of the people who are willing to invest in decorating their homes with different types of furniture like ancient furniture, plastic furniture, trendy furniture etc. The furniture market of China is rolling towards the expansion. The Chinese furniture market, based on a variety of products available, can be divided into:-

• House furniture:- This refers to furnishings used in the houses of urban citizens, including couches, TV cabinets, chairs and tables, kitchen furnishings, and furniture for the bedrooms.

• Guesthouse and Hotel furniture:- This symbolizes cushioned chairs and tables along with sofas which are used in the hotels for dining purposes and in the guest house for relaxation.

• Office furniture:- This represents workstations, seats, drawers to keep files, bookshelves and units for use in the workplace.

• Institutional furniture:- This refers to furniture for use in public organizations or institutes such as hospitals, sports, cultural events and educational institutions.

Due to a huge variation in topographies, climatic conditions, and traditions throughout the country, it is very difficult to predict about China furniture manufacturing industry. Chinese customers give more importance to the quality and style of the furniture rather than its prices, and their purchasing actions help to modify the products showing their traditions and personal tastes. International furnishing businesses want to invest in China because of the low labor cost, huge number of consumers along with the decreasing transfer rates. Business entry into China’s industry is, however, a little bit complicated process, and international investors sometimes find themselves face-to face with some difficult problems.

A market research report states that China’s wooden furniture market is worth 495.35 billion Renminbi which is estimated to grow up to a value of 1.33 trillion Renminbi by the year 2017. The furniture store industry in China is growing annually at a rate of 23.2 percent which is predicted to attain a figure of 16.7 million dollars by the end of the year 2013.