Global Digital Camera Market: sell up to 171.7 million units by 2020


75% of the shipment accounts to compact digital camera units with built in lens

Global-Digital-Camera-MarketUsers from all around the world are familiar with digital cameras; the ones which are in built in their smartphones. The market for digital cameras (cams) generally seems to have taken a big beating due to this practice of using the alternative but going deeper into the issue proves that the world is living with a false thought. The digital cameras available in our phones are no comparison to these high definition digital camera units, the ones who own them will agree and will be able to convince on the issue.

The making and the quality available on these digital cameras is way too different and superior to what is gettable utilizing a built-in digital quality camera in the smartphones.  Going by the textual definition of these units; a digital camera is a device that encodes pictures and video recordings in the digital quality according to its specifications. These pictures and recordings are stored in the device for later reproduction in their proper format.

The Digital Single- Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR’s) are the newest invention in the segment which has taken the industry flying with fresh success after the initial breakdown after the cell phone cameras were initiated.  This mind blowing device is no less than a magic wand which consists of a single lens and works with the mechanism of reflex design scheme.

Global Digital Camera-Business Numbers around the world:

The market for digital cameras globally is expected to reach $19.77 billion by the end of 2020. This market includes both the DSLR’s and non-DSLR’s commonly known as digital cameras or non-reflex cameras increased worldwide demands and technological advancements such as Wi-Fi enabled are couple of major factors that are spicing up the industry successfully.

The digital camera shipment globally in 2012 end was valued at 98.6 million units and the same is expected to rise up to over 138 million units by the close of 2015. The segment of inter-changeable lens camera contributed 50% market revenue in the year 2012 and the DSLR’s  are forecasted a CAGR of 3.8% from 2013-2020.

As per a market research, the industry will witness the largest growth from the Asia Pacific region where the demand is estimated to creep up by CAGR 8.1%; the region is likely to hold a notable share of 36% of the global market for the industry. However, demand for compact no mirror cameras are more likely to increase in countries like China and Japan as they are easier to use on a routine pattern. Major manufacturing companies are bringing in newer innovations by introducing better quality lens and much user friendly processes turning the industry further attractive for the buyers.

Leading Brands:

Two Japanese giants Nikon Corporation and Canon Inc along with their third counterpart Japan Victor Company (JVC) are leading the global markets for digital camera and are competing companies. There are other participants too with sizable market values such as Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm Holdings, Olympus Corporation, Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics Corporation and Ricoh Imaging Company.