Global Education Industry Trends For 2015


Global Education Industry Trends For 2015The future in 2015 for the education sector is hardly predicted as most of the predictions are going towards IT, infrastructure, retail and so on. However, taking nothing away from the education segment it can be said that the learning processes are on their way to massive changes. The demand for digitalization of classrooms is on an upward. The industry of eLearning has entered even the fast developing nations of Asia. India is a massive market for eLearning as classroom digitalization process is wave of success. The inclusion of technologies in a way such as merging both tech and education is flipping the industry and is all set to raise the revenues by leaps and bounds in the recent following years.

The global eLearning market is constantly fueled with innovations and new methodologies which are prevailing and the global market share for the same is expected to reach $19 billion by the end of 2018. In order to bring up a generation that is career worthy it is essential to plan and execute a practice of teaching which is practical and appeal to young brains along with not getting too much of the administration, teachers and the stakeholders. Parents have a vital role in all of this too as they need to first adapt the changing atmosphere and understand it the fullest in order to take it up to their wards. Mentioned below are three essential pointers which are sure to bring up a change in the education sector in 2015 and needs to be watched out for.

Skill oriented education-

This has been the most important changeover in the past few years in the global education industry. It is important to identify the special skill youngsters and have and segregate them accordingly. This is doable through implementing tech into teaching processes. As a result, the process of both teaching and learning would get simplified and there would be tremendous results on a yearly basis. Due to the introduction and increase of technological studies today it is possible to apply for many courses which were in past known as the off-beat ones with no scope. Presently the situations have changed and this as per the educationists is just the tip of the iceberg.

Learning to go customized-

After customization in many industries-products and services, now education is about to get customized. However, things can be made easy for all-the students, teachers and administration yet it is important to understand that over-dependency on technology for the purpose customization can be hurting for core process. Technology should be involved so as to help in betterment and not for otherwise. Hence, customization in education will happen but knowing the threshold is very essential.

 Learning on the GO-

Digitalization and mobile devices have been the biggest encouragements for learning on the go. One can easily go through lessons while traveling or even after reaching home after a day’s work. Easy accessibility to notes and study material today is realism and the trends are only going to get better from here. Mobile learning also known as m-Learning is a vital concept for all of this wherein, a person can utilize the mobile phone device as a study material.

Important drivers for learning on the GO:

  • It is a boon for people looking for flexibility for studies, the ones who working and getting further educated can do it without any constrains.
  • There is a widespread accessibility for smartphones and other multi-use smart devices.
  • Advance technologies have made self-study possible complete non-dependency in education today is possible just because of easy to use techniques. Unlimited applications to learn on the go are available making things possible.
  • Therefore, the global education system is traveling towards big revamping process with the help of technological assistance and we need to be seasoned to adapt all such up gradations which are coming up in 2015 and beyond.