Global Fertilizers Industry to soar to $ 172 billion by 2015


Phosphates (P2O5), Potash (K2O) and Nitrogen (N) are major nutrients in the global fertilizer industry

Fertilizer IndustryThe global agricultural industry especially the fertilizer sector which is one of the prime and a non- detachable part of the industry has been estimated by the movements in the global economies. The era of mid-2000’s and the end of the first decade witnessed a horrifying period where all businesses were touching their base rocks. Agricultural industry around the globe was no exception as major economies previously well known for their massive producing values struggled to meet the basic requirements and fulfill the demand-supply gap.

Though the farming industry is dependent on the climatic conditions; in the present age it is more leaned on to the economic policies and the nature of investments coming to the region. Therefore, the demands and sales chat for fertilizers has been swinging but on a totality it has shown decent positive trends.

The business for global fertilizers industry is derived by calculating the quantity of fertilizers consumed within an annual agricultural calendar. These fertilizers are basically segmented into three kinds of nutrients which are Nitrogen (N), Potash (K2O) and Phosphates (P2O5) and their universal markets are valued at farmer’s retail pricing system after adding all the taxes that are applicable along with the subsidies that are subjected for reduction.

In the year 2010 the world fertilizer market shank by 12.9% and only crossed a valuation of $130 billion. However, the economic conditions were unfavorable in some parts of the world and in rest of the developed countries the situation was just creeping up to the recovery phase. The volume of fertilizers traded improved the following year as the industry achieved a well fought growth of 5.2% and managed a decent worth of $162 billion. Out of the three segments nitrogen (N) is the largest in demand kind of a fertilizer in the entire sector around the globe, it accounts to almost 60% of the market worth globally.

According to a region wise market research study; the Asian-Pacific market is the largest contributor as it includes maximum agriculture based countries. This market represents a whopping share of more than 64% of the world fertilizer market. With the overall world economy recovering since the year 2010, there has been a good potential for growth in the fertilizer industry alike others and sizable conversion of the potential year after year. The sales in the fertilizers sector are expected to come from the Asian continent along with the Latin American region whereas; the Sub-Saharan African region is forecasted to be the least active market.

According to the latest details the upcoming year of 2015 is estimated to be a highly successful period of the industry as experts have indicated that the sector will witness a whopping growth rate of 32% and touch a value of over $170 billion. This increase in the industry is cited as a very encouraging one as it is rocketing hike in just a span of 5 years (2010-2015).