Global Glass Packaging Industry: Touch $60 bn by 2019


GlassPackagingGlass packages make for solid barriers

Glass Packaging sounded to be a difficult term at first, however after reading into its content one finds out how often he or she is using the concept on a daily basis. Glass packaging is nothing but packing of foods, drinks and chemicals into the glass containers which are in the forms of bottles and jars. Glass packaging technique is a unique one and it has to be used for specific items as they are in danger of perishing. They mostly tend to perish due to chemical reactions which may occur in the open surrounding. Commodities like beer and other alcohols along with industrial chemicals have to be stored in these glass barriers for their longer shelf life.

These glass containers have an unlike property of not reacting with other chemicals as they have high sterility and are reusable making them a very cost effective mode of storing products. Commodities of all sorts can be stored using glass packaging methods, both solids and different liquids can be preserved for a longer span.

Growing Numbers in glass packaging business

The global glass packaging industry earned a business of $ 47.43 bn in the year 2012. The industry is expected to have a CAGR growth of 3.4% for the period from 2013 to 2019. Industries like Alcohol particularly, beer, healthcare industry and other perishable commodities are main targets for the glass packaging industry. Markets from worldwide address a constant requirement for glass packaging. Countries like the US and UK where the Pharma industries are highly operative acquire huge volumes of glass wares thus enhancing the glass packaging industry.

Increasing Beer Consumption helping glass packaging industry

Growing consumption of beer all around the globe is further reversing the industry to newer heights. Alcohols, beer in particular have to be stored in the specific “dark colored” glass bottles as they assist in deflecting the “Ultra violet” UV rays which result in spunky beer spoiling the experience of consuming one. Regions like Asia-Pacific are denoting higher demands for the beer market and the further is looking brighter for the glass packaging industry as the consumption is creeping up year on year. Apart from the beer industry, there is a consumer liking for commodities stored in glass containers as it provides transparency and helps presenting the product in a better attractive manner.

Region and Industry-wise Usage

The market for glass packaging in the Asia-Pacific localities has tremendous growth potentials as the beer consumption along with the alcohol industry is expected to turn even more active in its demand. The region achieved a total revenue of 16.1 bn US$ in the year 2012. Europe stands second in the glass packaging industry demand with $13.34mn tons of overall demand for the year 2012. The area is a great prospect as it has both a heavy growing alcohol industry along with a constantly gearing up pharmaceutical market.

The glass packaging industry is one of the few which concentrates just into two or three industries for its growth and stability on a global front. Moreover, exempting the alcohol industry which covered up to 50% of the total industrial demand in the year 2012 there are admissions of new products like eatables and newly founded life saving medicines that have entered the market with a glass packing.