Global Mattress Market Estimated to Reach $24.65 Billion by the Year 2017


MattressYou have a very tiring day at work; you braved the traffic and finally reached home. The only thing that comes in your mind is to see your mattress and just jump into it. Mattress is mostly put on top of a bed base. It mostly consists of a quilted or soft fasted case usually of straw, cotton, foam etc. The mattress is essential as it is the place where humans rest after a long day at work. The present lifestyle is so hectic and harried that sleep has to be very good so that they could face the challenges of the next day. Sleep is rejuvenating to the body. And a good quality mattresses are often required to get the body on track.

The Mattress is an Arabic word called matrah which means to throw down. Or any place where something is thrown. Early mattress used natural materials like horse hair, leaves, straws, feathers or any animal skin. It was the place which would be little higher than the floor so that no amount of dust, insect disturb them while sleeping. The current composition of mattress consists of soft cotton, foam which guarantees a good night sleep.

The mattress industry has seen a growth from early days. It has its share of product innovations, introductions and style. The market has an array of products which ensures that there is something for everyone, be it for general or luxury purpose. A market research report states that the global mattresses market is estimated to reach $24.65 billion by the year 2017. The growth is largely facilitated because of growing disposable income and the need for a good night’s sleep.