Global Restaurant Industry taking the issue of Sustainability Seriously: To be on top chats in 2015


Sustainability-to the center talking point for the New Year

Restaurant Industry 1Environment has once again stolen the show as it is top position to the #1 spot on the hottest trends for the year 2015. According to a recent survey report conducted by National Restaurant Association (NRA) Environmental Sustainability is all set to take the top position as the hottest trending topics in the upcoming year. Seafood sustainability and food wastage reduction are assumed to acquire the second and third position on the research study outcomes. This surely indicates the growing importance and the pace at which the matter of environment sustainability is spreading.

Food wastage reduction and management on the other hand is couple of trending topics which is due its importance. All of these-environment sustainability, seafood sustainability and food wastage reduction and management have been on the trending list for quite a few years. However, their popularity has witnessed an unusual high this year as there are several studies on the food wastage subject too that are coming up. The hotel industry in the year 2014 has gone through a minimum of 5% price rise globally. The region wise specific prices may vary but all of them are on the higher side, thus the year 2015 is all set make entire hotel industry around the world concentrate on food wastage reduction and management.

Moreover, customers who dine out also have taken note of this and are conscious while they order. Thus, the industry is steadily moving towards the sustainable nature which is an excellent change of the spoilt environment. On the other hand, the chefs suggest a big change in the way the hotel industry operates as people are very serious about consuming foods that bring positive effects to health.

The findings further indicated that around 55% of the responders opted for restaurants that served food items that are cultivated in an environment friendly manner. 42% of the sample stated that environment sustainability will be the most discussed issue in the world within ten years from now.