Global Transdermal Patch Market – A Progressive System to Treat Medical Conditions

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With every passing year, either we tend to hear or see a new apparatus developed to aid medical professionals to diagnose, prevent, treat and monitor medical conditions before symptoms become harder to cure.  Various disorders both related to the physical and the physiology sorts need the interference of different sorts of medical devices for their diagnoses and treating process. These medical tools are believed to be in use since the ancient age, as they have enhanced largely with the inclusion of technology and majority of these have turned digitally automatic making their usage quick and extremely simple.

The technological advancements in drug delivery have led to innovation of transdermal patches. The transdermal skin patches are medicated patches that are placed on the skin and are articulated to deliver the active ingredients of drugs across skin into the systemic blood circulation in a continued or measured mode through diffusion. These patches include fentanyl transdermal patch, nicotine transdermal patch, buprenorphine transdermal patch, clonidine transdermal patch, oxybutynin transdermal patch, estradiol transdermal patch, nitroglycerin transdermal patch and many others.

Apart from being convenient to patients and non-invasive, transdermal patches offer other advantages such as circumventing first-pass digestion and avoidance of gastric/enzymatic degradation. The transdermal patches are currently being commercialized as hassle-free, convenient, and durable products. These patches can be worn until seven days, depending on their therapeutic indication.

Worldwide Demand for Transdermal Skin Patches -

The promising response of Transdermal Patches in the global market has further surged the further research and development in this sector. For instance in 2019, US FDA has approved Secuado, which is the first transdermal patch to treat Schizophrenia. Further in 2021, Gedeon Richter UK has announced that it has become marketing authorization holder (MAH) for Evra, a once weekly contraception for women of fertile age and the only transdermal contraceptive patch licensed in UK. The rising product launches in the global market will have a positive impact on the growth of market.

The pipeline for Global Transdermal Patches is crowded, which suggests positive future of these patches in forthcoming years. For instance, recent clinical trial from Starton Therapeutics showed the promising results of STAR-LLD continuous delivery transdermal patch containing lenalidomide in a non-GLP rabbit pharmacokinetic (PK) and skin irritation study. Moreover, US FDA has also assigned a Prescription Drug User Fee Act target date of March 11, 2022 for the new drug application for Aldarity (donepezil transdermal system) for the treatment of patients with dementia due to mild, moderate, and severe Alzheimer disease. Aldarity is a once weekly transdermal formulation of donepezil that is designed to be worn for 7 days with consistent adhesion. These rising trends will propel the growth of market during the forecast period.

Currently, vaccine segment doesn’t have any transdermal patch showing that this area has lots of untapped opportunities for pharmaceutical companies. Several on-going clinical trials are evaluating novel vaccine patch for influenza, HIV, COVID-19, and others. Recently in 2022, Institute Pasteur Korea (IPK) announced a research service agreement executed with Juvic Inc. for the joint development of micro needle based influenza vaccines. Merging Juvic’s micro needle production technology and IPK’s vaccine research and development capabilities, this collaboration is expected to facilitate the development of a micro needle influenza vaccine patch. Notably, the micro needle-based vaccine not only reduces the pain dramatically during vaccination but also can be distributed at room-temperature.
The global transdermal patch market is expected to witness high growth rates which is due to presence of key players and established healthcare infrastructure. Further beneficial government initiatives and an increase in the number of research partnerships are also expected to increase the market growth during the forecast period. Besides, high adoption rate of advance technologies is also expected to impel the growth of market in the region. As per our report findings, the global transdermal patch market is expected to surpass US$ 20 Billion by 2028.

US is currently dominating the global patch market due to presence of key transdermal drug delivery innovative companies and established healthcare infrastructure, beneficial government initiatives along with surge in the number of research partnership, increasing adoption of various strategies such as product innovation and increasing product launches and approval in this region. Apart from this, Europe has also emerged out to be potential market in last few years due to rising availability of products, increasing smoking population, and increasing awareness about the availability of patches in the market. The report global transdermal patch market provides detailed analysis on the currently market product along with their price, dosage, and generic availability. The insights into on-going clinical trials by company, drug class, indication, and phase are also reported.

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