Hair Color Market- Showing off the Colors of Profit


HairColorFlaunt your tresses

For a girl or woman, her hair is like her jewelry. It is what adds up to her beauty and grace. Long, Short, medium all kinds of locks and curls that she flaunts; she takes special care of them as well as coiffures them in various forms and patterns. But sometimes the hair starts graying with age, metabolism or for some other reason. Also, because of stress and pollution, they loose their luster and appear very dull and lifeless. This becomes a major worry for her. To liberate the female population from her trouble, hair color comes handy. A product applied to bring back the lost shine and sheen to the tresses.

Hair color has become a very popular item amongst the women consumers in the recent times. it comes in either gel, cream or liquid form. It is available in various types of shades. It has become a hot product in the hair care market. In recent times it has become quite a fad amongst the women consumers. Now it is not only used for hiding the grey lines but also to give a glamorous look to the hair. Streak, auburn, blonde, brown, red, platinum, glosses are some of the categories available in the hair color market. These products not only enhance the beauty and charm of your hairstyle but also nourish them. Companies like Garnier, Lakme, L’oreal, Revlon and Clairol are the key players in the market. The niche class and the salons are the main purchasers of these products. As the women today have become extremely style conscious, these commodities have gained great demand.

The recent study shows that with gross revenue of $730 million, hair color is the largest fast-growing and a major category of salon products. As the economy emerges from recession and regional pockets of good economy emerge, this category of product is projected to grow even more rapidly over the next five years. Growth is due to increased salon visits, new hair color and styles pushing the growth of semi and semi-permanents, permanents, Lighteners and refreshers.Hair color service revenues at the salon level grew by 3.7%, as salon client visits increased and new hair color services for gray-coverage and fashion color grew.