Here comes a Smartwatch that gets Recharged with your Body Heat!


Sporting a cool smartwatch is one of the latest fads among youths these days. But let me tell you, these watches are not ‘the apple of the eye’ just for the youngsters, but also for the trendy and fitness freak men and women. From the year 2014, smartwatches started gaining more and more popularity around the world. With the entrance of Apple, the smartwatch market expanded like never before. One major reason why these wearables managed to somewhat threaten other types of watches (luxury watches, sporty watches)- these are desirable by watch-lovers, gizmo freaks, as well as fitness conscious-people. In short, a smartwatch is an all-in-one solution. However, there is one major flaw in this device that turns many users off- its battery. Time and again, you have to charge your smartwatch to keep it running. So, just in case you forget to do that, you won’t look cool flaunting a ‘dead smartwatch’ on your wrist.

Now charge your smartwatch with your body heat……!

Finding a treatment to this ‘battery-sickness’, a company called Matrix Industries has developed a smartwatch, aptly named PowerWatch, that uses the wearer’s body heat to charge up its battery. Wondering how is that possible? Well, the creator firm has integrated a very compact and efficient thermoelectric generator technology into the watch that converts the wearer’s body heat into energy.

“The PowerWatch may not be as robust as the Apple watch, but its ‘no-charger-required’ feature helps it stand out from the lot”


How does PowerWatch work?

The thermoelectric-powered watch works on the difference between the ‘cooler’ temperature and the ‘warmer’ temperature. While, the side of the watch that sticks to the skin always needs to remain warm, the other side has to maintain a lower temperature. Our body maintains a temperature of 98.6degree Fahrenheit and this heat is spread out on the skin. The back of the of the watch absorbs the body heat, while the other side, having a metal housing and crown, remains cooler because of the heat-sinks designed on them.

And the best features of the PowerWatch……….

The PowerWatch goes into a low-power sleep mode automatically when taken off from the wrist, thanks to its internal battery. As a result, the watch’s date and time remains unaffected. Another ‘Plus’ of this watch is- it is an excellent fitness tracking device with great amount of accuracy. However, the only feature the PowerWatch lacks is that it does not display smartphone notifications like other smartwatches.

This all new PowerWatch is being offered through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that requires a pre-order contribution of USD 170. The product is expected to be shipped in July 2017.