Home Water Purifier Segment in India to spring up by 22% until 2019


Less than 5% of rural market is covered currently

Water-Purifier-SegmentMore than 77% of the diseases in India have their cause roots to contaminated water. This proves that water pollution and consumption of impure water is a major worrying issue, moreover this has been an ill effect for the economy since a long time now. Multiple efforts from both public and private sources and vast spreading of unaccounted sums towards improving the condition have not served the purpose in the expected manner. India is not striving with lack of water resources as it has a relatively rich water resource compared to other regions in Asia and elsewhere. The real problem lies in contamination of these water resources are biological, toxic, organic and inorganic pollutants.

Around 70% of the total ground level stored water resource in the country have been affected by contamination and is already unsafe for consumption. Under such as a grave situation the requirement for a quality water purifier is not a luxury but it has turned into an unavoidable necessity. According to the global water purifier manufacturing industry market research, the Indian market is still an under penetrated one and holds massive prospects by the upcoming years. The industry in India has grown with a handsome CAGR of 20% constant for past three years. It is valued to be worth $ 567 million industry by the end of 2014. Experienced observers of the sector both from domestic and international markets are projecting a CAGR of at least 22% until 2019 and are estimating a worth of $ 1.53 billion by the close of 2019.

Rural and Urban markets are the two major segmentation’s in the Indian water purifier industry. Under this, only 5% of the village demands are addressed presently. Sources from the manufacturing area indicate that the level of awareness is inadequate in both metros and rural regions which need to be surged up for better results. According to the makers the mentality of “just boiling is enough” is needed to be altered and use of water purifier should be made a must in all commercial and households.

Though the efforts invested in convincing are less now, there are still a lot of potential markets which remain uncovered. 75% of the total Indian purifier market is ruled by organized branded companies such as Eureka Forbes, HUL Pureit, Zero-B and Tata Chemicals (Swach).