Humans would give up driving seats within the next decade: Google


Ever since the initial stages the Internet giant is working on an all automated driverless vehicle

automated driverless vehicleAmidst all ongoing news reports about the massively covered “driverless car concept” subject, the beginner of the technology Google Inc has come out with some fresh developments. The company seems to be gearing up for a trial run on the “real roads” this time as it has announced a concept testing known as the “Real Roads, in the Real World”, according to the present indications the car is supposed to have no steering wheel nor would it have any pedal controls hence leaving the entire driving process to the automated mode which will be conducted by the computer.

Although the concept of testing the driverless car on the real road might sound something new; the same is in practice by most of the top-ranking automakers like Toyota, Honda, Lexus and Audi which have their automated models doing hundreds of thousands of miles at the recent automobile exhibition events.

However, keeping up with the California traffic rules, the Google driverless concept testing will have a human aboard with a detachable steering wheel along with the control pedals. Experts have noted this attempt from Google as it is an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach unlike the ‘steady as she goes’ approach adapted by renowned automakers like Nissan, Audi and Mercedes.

Interesting, this is not the first time that Google is testing its driverless car concept as it has been doing it since few years now. Previously, it has around two dozen modified Lexus SUVs which it testing in and around Silicon Valley. It permitted selective employees to experience the ride and there were in total 11 very minor accidents during the test.

Google is expected to have a finished product under the driverless car concept by 2020


Moreover, Google is taking the latest summer testing process quite seriously as it has planned to monitor the time duration consumed in between switching from the auto mode to the human driving mode. Audi in the recent past has reported that its model takes around 10 seconds to make the switch which is reported to be too much of a time. According to the project experts in Google, a lot can take place in the 10 second span and it may turn dangerous especially when the vehicle is traveling at a pace of 100 feet per second. Hence, the search engine mogul establishment is said to be working on reducing the time duration and making the switch completely effortless.

Whatever the case, Google started it and others have been following the bandwagon. Driverless concept looks like a nearing dream that is all set to come true within the coming few years. So, get ready to feed in the location on the navigation screen and enjoy the computerized ride.