India a Favored Destination for LPO

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Indian Legal Process Outsourcing sector is estimated to reach a value of $1.7 billion by 2015

Yet another industry is set to boom in India, this time giving opportunities to professionals from the Law sector. LPO stands for “Legal Process Outsourcing” which is a practice of outsourcing legal processes/jobs from areas where they are expensive to perform to regions where they are performed at comparatively affordable charges. Areas like USA, Europe and its surrounding areas are some of the high-end costing regions for legal processes whereas; countries in the Asia-Pacific belt like India, China and Singapore are regions that charge an affordable price tag for similar services. Thus, most of the foreign legal institutions globally outsource their processes to these countries in order to save a sizable amount of expenditure.


The LPO industry of the legal sector is rapidly growing in most parts of Asia and the region is prescribed a positive growth further in the years to come. The style of outsourcing legal processes started from the multinational pattern of working. Generally, corporations include various legal issues and have to go through multiple processes which are both time consuming as well as expensive. Hence, major corporate companies prefer outsourcing these processes to full-time establishments which are professionals and well practiced in these processes. Hiring such services from professionals is known as outsourcing and in some cases these professional establishments offer services to clients from other countries known as offshoring. Commonly, most of these legal establishments taking up outsourcing jobs offer services like document reviews, agency works, legal research and writing, drafting agreements and patent services.

Witnessing the growth in demand for such services in India many western organizations have set up their regional offices in different parts of the country. Moreover the introduction of such a segment is offering better opportunities to the younger generation law professionals who otherwise had to strive hard to find a job. Indian professionals are more in demand as their services standout compared to professionals from other origins. In addition the region has one of the most reasonably priced industry attracting clients from around the globe. For instance, a service in the law sector that is charged around $400 per hour in the west is accounted to just $50 an hour by the Indian LPO establishments making it inexpensive for companies. Going further, there are huge investments flowing in from international sources that are interested in pumping in money into Indian origin legal outsourcing companies.

Although India’s LPO industry was stated to be tiny sized, it is estimated that the section is ought to grow in massive way. By the end of 2006, the sector was valued at $146 million which hiked up to $440 million by the close of 2010. According to a market research; the industry presently is predicted to do better and is forecasted a total value of $1.1 billion by the close of the year. Companies from the call center sector are popular in providing small legal process jobs whereas, industries like Information Technology (IT), Pharmaceuticals and Engineering companies are renowned in subscribing for all kinds of legal process outsourcing and depend on highly experienced professionals for even the basic legal works which need to be handled on a routine basis.

Working in these outsourcing legal establishments provides a different dimension training to young lawyers who instead of digging into files around the storerooms get hand on experience of handling an issue personally and trying out solutions individually.

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