India Ranks Highest in Fertilizer Consumption


FertilizerThe fertilizer industry makes certain that farmers have the nutrients they require to cultivate sufficient crops to meet the world’s necessities for food, fiber and energy. The fertilizers manufactured in the industry are referred to as mineral fertilizers. Any material which contains 5 percent more of Nitrogen, Potassium or Phosphorous is considered to be a fertilizer.

The important nitrogen based fertilizers are ammonium nitrate and urea. Urea is the most commonly used products among plant foods. The significant manufacturers of Urea are to be discovered in grain generating places in Japan or locations where organic gas is quickly available. Being the most populous nation, China and India are the most Urea consuming nations followed by Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia. As the population grows, there is increased demand for food and fiber.

Although most of the ammonia is mostly produced in Asia, it is mostly used for house consumption.

The nations which are exporting ammonia are Trinidad, Russia, Ukraine and several Middle Eastern nations. Potassium has a helpful consequence on the quality of yield: there is a boost in the sugar content of root crops, the starch content of potatoes and the protein content in feed plants, generally against a background of nitrogen-ammonia plant foods. The top producing nations of potassium are Canada, Russia and Belarus. The nations which most consume potassium are China, US, Brazil and India.

It is expected that the demand in nitrogen fertilizer will increase at an annual rate of 2.8 percent and North America will be the world’s biggest importer. When it comes to the consumption of fertilizer, America accounts for 23 percent. Eastern Japan has the quickest development with a 5 % development a year while Western European countries show signs of no development at all. European countries account for 14 % of the international intake. Japan rankings the biggest with an intake rate of 62 % with the majority being South as well as Eastern Japan. Africa is the major exporter of phosphate while Europe remains deficit for phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers.

The worldwide fertilizer consumption is expected to grow in central Asia, East Europe, South Asia, west Asia, Latin America and Africa.
As the demand for fertilizer increased, the worldwide market for fertilizer has started to become stable. Some of the leading fertilizer brands are Natures Touch, Bayer Advanced, Natures Touch & Dr. Earth, LESCO, Anderson, Scott (most popular in the US) etc. The global fertilizer is estimated to touch 188 million tons in the next 2 decade. Agricultural Products Market