India to house 402 mn Internet users by December 2015


India-to-house-402-mn-Internet-users-by-December-2015Just when the tech industry is seeing its new pinnacles in India; the telecommunication front is racing towards a new up-gradation. It is a known fact that the count of Internet users in India is reaching newer heights, yet the number of mobile Internet users-assisted by the Wi-Fi technology is proving to a massive contributor for the development.According to the latest update from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI); India is all set to win over USA and many other developed nations with greater count of Internet users by December, 2015.

Penetration of smartphones in rural areas is a big boost, this will help grow the userbase to 109 mn by June 2016


The Number Game:

India is projected to surpass the 400 million mark as a total of 402 million is expected by the end of 2015.This would mean a CAGR of a whopping 49% since the last year.It is worth noting that India will be the first and the only country until date to achieve such a massive growth rate. The people using Internet on the go (through mobile or other portable devices) is assumed to reach 306 million which is up by 276 million which was recorded in October this year.

At present, India is in the 3rd spot almost equalizing USA in terms of Internet userbase. Come December the rankings are likely to be shuffled as India is set to climb up to the 2nd position just after China which leads the table with more than 600 million online userbase.

Rural winning over Urban regions:

In India, rural regions are recording almost unbelievable growth rates when it comes to Internet users. Urban areas are however going at almost a steady 60-70% growth.The so called “less developed” village and towns of India have posted a growth rate of ranging from 80-99% noted last October. The rural pockets are projected a growth of around 87 million and in the urban areas the count is about to increase by 219 million.

Growth Potentials:

For the non-users of Internet surveyed around the 35 states as a part of the study by IAMAI, 11.4 million people have showed interest in using Internet in the next one year-2/3rd of them are readying themselves to go online using their mobile phones.

By the end of the study for this annual it was found that the Internet userbase in India is all set to take a jump and touch around 462 million by June 2016.