Indian Bridal Wear Market- Growing in a Graceful manner


Be Beautiful – Feel Beautiful

Bridal WearFor any girl in the world, marriage is the most special occasion of her life. A precious moment of her life which she always wants to keep preserved in her heart forever. She wishes to look the most beautiful and most elegant on the time of her wedding, no less than a queen. Many things are required to add beauty and glow to the bride; perfect makeup, jewelry, accessories, but most importantly a perfect dress, a wedding dress. That is what ultimately gives the grace and charm to the bride and separates her from the crowd. The bright colors, the glossy studded sparklers, the stylish design, all these add up to her beauty and flair. Since it is such an important aspect for the girl who is about to get married and for the bride’s family too, special focus is given on it.

Along with passage of time, the taste and liking among the Indian women has also changed relating to bridal wears. The bridal wear market has seen a great amount of change regarding designs, texture, color and style. Once where the sarees ruled inviolate, now the lehenga (skirt) and choli (short bodice) with a voluminous dupatta (scarf) are preferred by modern brides like Anarkali suit with a long, flared empire waist dress paired with leggings. The habitual red gave way to other colors like saffron, peach, coral or fuchsia, while green, ochre and rich gold became popular shades for smaller ceremonies. As a result, this segment of the market has witnessed a radical growth in the recent times. The Indian textile sector and many fashion houses have come up with various patterns of dressing in the Indian bridal wear market. Women clothing stores are offering new stylish dressing apparels for the would-be-brides fitting their persona and specifications. Dress designers tailor make their outfits so that the costume carry and display their body language in the most graceful and stunning manner. They make sure that it remains both attractive and pleasing to the eyes as well. In conjunction with the bridal dress market, the accessories and jewelry market which goes along the wedding attire has also seen a good amount of growth also. With lavish and high profile marriage ceremony catching up a fast trend, it is anticipated to grow furthermore.

Indian marriages are known for their extravagance, spending a fortune in unbothered fashion for that perfect look of the bride. At present, with growth rates of 25 to 30 percent per annum, the Indian bridal industry will become the biggest wedding market anywhere in the world within two years, passing by the American wedding market, which is estimated to be worth around $50 billion annually.