Indian government starts afresh in attempts to get Ganga back to her purity


The project “Namami Gange” is planned to go on for a span of 10 years

attempts-to-get-Ganga-back-to-her-purityAmidst all talks of India building its bunch of smart cities, basic developments like electricity, employment and housing facilities with proper civic amenities has continued to be an irk since post independent period. Several governments have touched the ruling positions and some have even vanished after serving a short epoch, yet the conditions around remain the same. Water pollution is one such major environmental issue that the country faces and the untreated sewage water is the largest source of water pollution which needs immediate attention.

The current Indian government has worked out some plans on paper regarding the development of the Indian sewage infrastructure, purification of the holy river Ganga which is also one of the longest flowing water resources in the country is a major part of the project.

Massive expenditures for getting Ganga to an unadulterated state:

The Modi sarkar has allotted funds worth 8,000 crores INR for the construction of sewage plants in and around 118 towns that cover the banks of Ganga river. According to the water department of the central ministry, these plants will be operational by June 2016.

There is already work in progress for 50 sewage plants and plans for an additional 68 plants are underway, going by the news the tenders for the same will be completed by June next year.

Current status of sewage in India:

It is very depressing to know that the third largest economy in Asia (2nd largest population) has only the capacity to treat 1/3rd of its total waste water generated. This is almost nothing when compared to the waste treating capacities of other countries. Hence, experts from the sector address that there is a huge untapped business still wide open. According to the research firms, the total industry was worth $1.4 billion by the end of 2013 and will reach $2.1 billion by the finish of 2016.

India has shelled out more than 4,170 crores INR for cleaning Ganga since the early 1980’s.


Coming back to the Ganga River:

Operations to built waste treatment plants for 8 cities including Varanasi, Patna, Kanpur, Haridwar and Allahabad will kick start within three months. As per the government schedule, waste treating capacity of around 4 billion liters in a day will be achieved by the mid of 2019. The government has sought help from the corporate world and public and asked to donate generously for the cause.

The banks of the river houses around 43% of the total country’s population and thus the cleaning of the river becomes a massive project. Funds are been raised under the Namami Gange plan and the process is expected to go on for a period of 10 years.

The cabinet ministry sanctioned a whopping 20,000 crores INR for the purpose just sometime during the previous week.