Globally, an estimated 1 billion tires reach the end of their useful lives every year. The disposal of scrap tires in environmentally sound and productive ways continues to be a top priority for the tire business. Various regional efforts by governmental authorities, the tire industry and individual manufacturers are currently underway to address the issue of scrap tires, and progress is being made. Scrap tires recovery provides cost-effective and environmentally sound energy for several industries. It also provides innovative materials for civil engineering projects.Read More 

iPSC Market: 3 Major Factors Encouraging It And Why You Should Care About It?

BInduced Pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) technology was first introduced in 2006 by Shinya Yamanaka’s laboratory in Kyoto, Japan. These cells are a type of induced Pluripotent cells those can be directly generated from the adult (fully grown) cells. This discovery holds massive hope in the practice of regenerative medicine; they can definitely propagate and give rise to each kind of a cell type in the body such as the liver, heart, neurons and so on.
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Cord Blood Market News

Bioinfomant – a worldwide leading blood cells research firm has come up with a new finding. It has researched and found that HST (Hematopoietic Stem Cells) transplant is the leading cell therapy performed all over the world. These stem cells are present in the Umbilical cord blood and considered as life saving elements in most transplantation cases.
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Notable Step in Commercialization of iPSCs

This infographic indicates the importance of commercialization of Induced Pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The graph below illustrates the 26 iPSCs research studies that are going on, it is indicated with regards to the continents in which they are carried out.
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Though the Stem Cell industry is a new practice on a global platform, it’s less known that the first stem cells were discovered in human cord blood in the year 1978. Major discoveries on the subject have taken place since then. Today, the industry is well known as both developed and developing nations are working on adopting it extensively.
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ENERGY Availability-Demands and the growing gap between these is a major issue around the globe. Several problems related to the routine functions of lives are creeping up and the means to solve most of these is still unknown. In an effort to put through the real time situation of Energy crises, BharatBook.com has prepared an info graphic which will enable a simplified display of the actual issues that the world is staring at right now.
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