LAPTOPS- Exploring the Channels of Growth


LAPTOPS- Exploring the ChannelsThe world on my lap

Since the dawn of new of the technological era, there has always been an effort to make everything more compact and portable. Devices which you can carry anywhere and use them according to your convenience. Gadgets those are totally cordless and free from the hassles of wire, the need for such electronic device was especially felt in the Information technology sector. After the creation of the computers, the requirement for a small, compact and handy device was felt gravely and strongly. The desktop computers were heavy and bulky and could not be carried anywhere easily. Moreover important work got stuck till the time the workstations were not operated and till the time someone did not reach there. To get over all these trouble, the laptop was created. A compiled personal computer which can be taken anywhere, anytime and can be operated at home, office, plane, train, bus or a car.

Laptop first came into being back in September 1975 with IBM launching its first commercial portable computer called IBM 5100 and was based on a SCAMP on prototype. With this beginning, the laptop computer never looked back. With the passage of time, laptops have   evolved in a radical manner. Modern laptops come with 1080i HD compatibility, inbuilt webcam, microphone, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity. There are touch laptops, gaming laptops, entertainment laptop, business laptops and multi-tasking laptop available today in the market. They come in various sizes, specifications, color and price tag.  There are various companies in the laptop market today. Big computer giants like Apple, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Samsung and Acer are the key players in the laptop market today. They are the largest selling gadget in the computer peripherals market. Manufactures are loading these electronic notebooks with features and updating it on a regular scale with more advanced technology. Touch and type and convertible laptops are the latest entrants in this segment. As the contest is very neck to neck in this sector, companies are offering new inventories of products recurrently to hold on to their customers. Since this section continuously goes through a technological upgradation, the companies too have to come up with more sophisticated laptops for the customers. Free accessories like headphones, speakers, bags and extended warranty on the products are given to lure buyers towards them.

However with the entry of the Tablet PCs and IPADs, the laptop is struggling to hold its ground. As they are sleek, easy to carry and can be fitted into small carry case or bags unlike the laptops which are at times a little heavy and require big baggage to take them. Apart from that, calling facility is also available on them where the laptop drawbacks. According to a report, the notebook PC sales only had a growth rate of about 16% compared to a strong rate of about 22% of last fiscal year. Even after that for office and home use, it still is getting its share.