LEADING INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIESAccording to a report from the Department of Pharmaceutical, under Government of India (GOI) the domestic market for pharma products stands at $12.26 billion by the end of 2012. The same is expected to cross a whopping $49 billion mark by 2020. The growth of pharmaceuticals in India started with the home grown drug manufacturing industries in early 1960’s and it scaled up to new heights with the Patents Act of 1970.

It was later during the early 1990’s economic liberation period when the process of acquiring a patent was shortened to 5-7 years which turned out to a massive boon for the manufacturing units. This act of minimizing the process encouraged many investors and foreign drug makers and pulled their interest towards the entering the then less captured Indian medicine market. Today, the scenes have changed; Indian Pharmaceutical sector has grown by leaps and bounds. It is the third largest industry in terms of volume and 14th worldwide in value.

Here’s an insight of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in India for 2015:

Sun Pharma-

With a total revenue of more than 2828 crores it is a very renowned name having presence in almost every country around the globe. Sun Pharma is headquartered in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat. Started in the year 1983 it just had 5 products to offer in all which by 1987 grew in numbers and today it deal with almost all physical and mental illness products.

In 2014 it acquired Ranbaxy which placed it to the #1 spot within the country; it also turned it the largest Indian pharma company operating in the US and the 5th largest speciality generic company worldwide.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc-

This is a subsidiary held by Lupin Limited US which is basically has the main office at Baltimore, USA. In India with its headquarters in Mumbai the company is a highly innovative, intense research focused entity in the Indian pharma world. With an annual revenue of more than 8939 crores it is a superior brand for research and customer support in the pharma industry. It has well organized markets for generic medicines according to different regions around the world.

It is amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in high growth markets like US, South Africa and Japan.

Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Limited-

Dr.Reddy’s Lab is a Hyderabad based drug manufacturer that is operating at multinational levels. With 21 patents the company in 2014 was listed as one of the 1200 most trusted brands in pharma industry by the Brand Trust Report. The maker has 190 medication facilities, 60 APTs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

With an annual gross income of 9993.9 crores Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories has segregated medicines and healthcare sections such as critical care, kids care, women healthcare and many more. The company has a number of national and international projects operational that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved or nodded by the concerned authorities of the respective countries.


Started in the year 1935 the company is presently headquartered in Mumbai with a worker base of more than 20,000. Like other leading medicine companies Cipla too has a vast range of products and patents that sum up to 19. Their product portfolio is built with more than 1,500 products which are of worldwide quality. The maker is always game for constant innovation in the manufacturing process and is known for bringing in drugs for diseases both which are mild or of a serious life-threatening nature.

Cipla is clocking a yearly income of 7110.7 crores and owns some of the most revolutionary brands in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Aurobindo Pharma-

Aurobindo Pharma company was start in the year 1986 by a group of extremely talented medical professionals. Mr.Nitryanada Reddy and Mr. Ramaprasad Reddy headed the group. Since its inception the company grew massive and got publicly listed on the stock exchange in 1992.

The company is known for its strong offshore clients as it generates 70% of its total revenues from international customers. It exports its health care formulas to more than 125 nations around the globe. The pharma brand has revenues worth more than 9380 crores and is working towards achieving $2 billion target by the end of 2015-16.

Indian Pharma Exports crossed $8.7billion in 2008-09 at CAGR of 21.25% by 2020 and estimated to be $50 billion


Cadila Pharmaceuticals-

With its main operational office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Cadila Pharmaceuticals is India’s largest pharma companies that is manufacturing life-saving drugs and medical formulations for India and abroad.

Cadila has a staunch presence over more than 40 therapeutic categories spread through some 12 specialities. These areas are like anti-diabetics, general antibiotics, cardiovascular diseases and many others. The company has a total of 17 patents across different medical sections and is clocking a revenue of more than 9380 crores. The manufacturer has specific markets for specific formulations and largely concentrates the Arabian pharma market along with southern Africa.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GSK Rx India)-

GlaxoSmithKline Pharma company is one of the oldest medicine firms in India, this one was started in the year 1924. The company is known to have an extremely educated workforce in the medicine field that enables top quality R&D (research and development). The involvement of technology and sciences have been a part of their research works since many decades, thus the company has grown an effective range of medicines and medical formulations that are used to cure several illnesses.

Although the drug maker only clocks a revenue of around 2546 crores it is immensely developing as it has a vast range of 48 patents. It is popular for its drugs that cure Hepatitis A and B, influenza, Chickenpox and others. GSK also owns some serious life-saving formulations that work in treating different forms of cancer.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited-

Torrent Pharmaceuticals is a part of the Torrent Group of Companies which is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company first was founded by Mr.U.N Mehta as Trinity Laboratories and later was renamed as Torrent Pharmaceuticals .The drug maker has a total of 6 patents and has its medicines and formulations active in more than 50 countries around the world.

The company has recorded revenues worth 3364 crores with a net profit of more than 762 crores.


Wockhardt is among the top pharmaceutical names that is going grand rounds worldwide. It is a medical brand that has brought pride to India on the international pharma platform. The company has an impressive multi-national presence with more than 8600 associations and experts from 21 different countries.

The company is stalwart brand in medicine products manufacturing and marketing world. With a total of 5 patents to them, they are earning profits close to 200 crores with revenues worth more than 1805 crores.

IPCA Laboratories-

IPCA Laboratories is an active pharma company that is operating from Mumbai India. It is one of the most active players in the pharma industry both on a domestic as well as international levels. IPCA Laboratories was incorporated in 1949 by corporates and medical professionals,

with over 350 formulations-it has medications in every form possible like liquids, solids, injections, inhalers, dry powders and more.

The company has a gross revenue of 3234 crores and a profit clocking around 477 crores along with 10 major patents by its name.IPCA has a major contribution in discovering medical assistance to chronic disorders.