LED Lighting System- an option to be explored


Lighting industry to undergo a brighter makeover

LED-Lighting-SystemHotel industry is the largest in the USA, according to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) a capital of around $7.5 billion is spent on lighting process alone. This accounts to $2,200 for each room and this is applicable for all the hotels and motels located all over the nation, around 47,000 of them. The hotel spaces cover around 5 billion square feet of the country’s total area; these numbers should give us some idea about the mammoth size at which the hotel industry operates. Lighting activity of these hotels rates as most expensive being a challenge for owners as it needs to be extremely attractive as well as within their budgets.

According to an industrial research, the latest invention in the lighting world- the LED lights (Light-emitting diode) will grow in its sales at a rate of 12.9% annually and is estimated to reach a value of $12.74 billion by 2014 end. Major applications of the LED will be found in mobiles, automobiles and tablets which will use this kind of lighting extensively. The increase in shipment volumes is essential in indicating the usage growth of these lights around the globe, this sort of the lighting will replace the present trends and have a market penetration of more than 25%.

LED is posed to have a world market of around $25.82 billion by 2021, making it most widely used lighting option. As per the experts, this technology is unlike the others as it holds potentials for new designs and an opportunity of pushing further the efficiency. The LED lighting technique is going to change the status of the commercial industry. LED’s for sure are not that only thing in lighting industry but they are the stepping stone for the innovations which will follow in the times to come, which will change the world of lighting for good.

Let’s glance through the trends of the LED lighting industry mainly concentrated to the commercial lighting requirements.

Going by the theory of Internet of things, using more of smarter lights helps:

The introduction of LED lighting technology has bought in many more advanced technologies changing the face of the industry, the concept of intelligent systems such as the wireless networks, photo sensors and occupancy sensors are fast coming up for common usage. According to the market research, the sales chat for this technology will double in the periods 2013-2021 and have an annual market of about $2.7 billion. The commercial lighting industry has adapted the innovative method of visualizing out of the box lighting methods that allows users both optimum usages and least energy consumption.

LED great option better technology at cheaper rates with further benefits:

Use of LED lighting systems is a great method of saving energy. It is very simple to substitute the lighting system as a LED tube just needs to be changed in the present electric holder, just substitute a new LED tube in place of the old lighting device, as simple as that. Thus, this is less cost consuming and extremely easy to use. The best news by using LED lamps one can be able to cut the electric expenses by a whopping $50 billion which is substantially equal to energy generated from 210 midsize power stations.

Using View Dynamic Glass, an addition plus:

View Dynamic Glass, helps in saving an average of 20% power as it regulates the natural light and heat utilized for heating or cooling purposes of the building. So far, this variant of glass has been installed in nearly 50 projects comprising corporate houses, hotels and educational institutes. The industry for these electro chromic glasses is also believed to be positive as it is predicted to have a whopping market of $2.1 billion by the close of 2017.

Hence, the future of lighting industry is seemed to be extremely bright as there are loads of innovations lingering to happen which are ought to provide consumers with attractive, comfortable lighting options with lesser energy consumption.