MALLS – Growing Like an Explosion


MallsThe Mall Hysteria

Mall in today’s date has become a part of everyday life of the urban people. For shopping, hanging out, dating, movies, business meetings or for family recreation, mall is the one stop destination for all. In easy terms it is a hub of multiple brand Merchandisers and consumers under a single roof. Mall provides an easy platform for all the major brands and the consumers to meet each other in a cohesive manner within a set building, by interconnected walkways along with the comforts of air-conditioning, escalators and elevators, adequate car parking space, enabling the visitors and shoppers to enjoy their shopping experience at the most leisurely way. It also avails the opportunity to the corporate brands and the retailers to sell and showcase their goods at one place rather than in a scattered manner at different locations. Moreover the customers also get to choose from a wide variety of choice of brands and products within the span of the same premises. Also it provides various other avenues of recreation and entertainment like a food court, gaming zone and multiplexes, all in the same place.

The mall culture in India sprung up in the early 90s and eventually it spread like a wild fire across the country. Along with the big metropolitans and big cities, malls began to mushroom in small towns and cities too. With the emergence of malls, the textile industry and electronics industry has received an incredible impetus as some big names like Pantaloons, Allen Solly, Arrow, Versace in the textile field and brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic in the electronics has opened their multiple showrooms in those malls.

The mall culture mainly attracts the teenage groups, youngsters and kids towards it and they are their main target audience. With the availability of the food court and coffee shops it becomes a first choice to assemble for a group, family or couples. As the malls emerged, it not only opened avenues for the brands and the consumers, the real estate and the construction industry too reaped a huge amount of benefit from the boom of malls. A massive amount of construction took place, building new malls and infrastructure related to it. Following it, the service industry too started cutting off the fruits from the tree of the mall as facility management companies, housekeeping, maintenance and security services which are an essential part of any mall also grew in a rapid scale. Likewise, with the multiplexes and cinema halls built within several malls, the media and entertainment industry also became a beneficiary of it.

The malls also provide a platform to the event managers and advertisers as they offer perfect ambience for hosting events, advertising and launching new products and establishing a direct contact between the company and the customers. Since a huge amount of area remains yet to be tapped, the expansion in this sector is still pending in many regions. With the increased purchasing power of the consumers, and infrastructural growth there is a wide scope of development for this sector.