Maternity Apparels- A Market Growing with Elegance


MaternityApparelsMaking the would-be-mothers look their best!

Becoming a mother is the most blissful thing in a woman’s life. It is the most beautiful and sentimental period she goes through. A small tiny child that she bears in her womb for whom, she has wished for a long time and seen many dreams. It is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. The sensation of motherhood takes her on cloud nine. A woman also looks the most beautiful during her pregnancy period. And naturally she wants to look pretty as well during this time.Since her body undergoes a drastic change at this stage, clothing for her becomes a little problematic issue as the regular outfit is not wearable and the other garbing appears very odd on her.To rescue the women at this juncture, maternity apparels are the things which steps in.

Maternity apparels are clothing outline specially made and designed for the pregnant women. They not only give a beautiful and an elegant look but also save from the hassles of wardrobe. These modern outfits provide graceful dressing for the expectant mothers. It facilitates them to have proper attire during this period without much trouble. There are several designer maternity apparels available in the market. This sector has seen a good amount of growth in the recent times. As the modern women have become very looks conscious and want to look their best even in their pregnancy days, the textile industry has witnessed a great demand in these kinds of costumes. Fashion houses are also preparing special dresses for the would-be-mothers with different designs, attractive colors and comfortable fabrics.

There are over 3.5 million women who are expecting each year. The maternity retail business has come a long way from offering dowdy, baggy style maternity clothes to those that help women celebrate their style and look great even as their body changes. Garments offered for pregnant women in the market now consist of hip and stylish maternity clothing, athletic wear and corporate clothes as well. Nevertheless, as pregnant women’s waist lines balloon, their lives and careers go on as usual. In this garment market, consumers decide on their attire based on personal preference. They often like to find items that represent their pre-pregnancy wardrobe so they can continue to keep their own style. This kind of apparels came into limelight in recent span of years with the explosion of celebrity pregnancies, popularity of fashionable maternity wear and growth of e-commerce. There is a growing tendency to postpone pregnancy at one end and growing occurrence of teenage pregnancies at the other end. As a result, pregnancy age band has extended in current years and altered the market requirements and opportunities. According to market research report, the maternity apparel market in the US is anticipated to reach $4.8 Billion by 2015. This trend is also catching up in other countries as well as in India also. Hence it’s just not great news for the would-be-mom’s but also a great revenue booster for the maternity apparel industry also.