Meat Lovers Keep the Poultry Market Busy

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This unsolved question has kept people guessing for an answer for a long time. From Aristotle to scientists many gave their versions. But for meat lovers it doesn’t matter till the time they could have the chicken as well as the egg. Poultry members consist of chicken, turkey, domestic ducks, geese etc. Poultry is one of the most favorite and widely eaten meats in the whole world. Poultry takes up to 30% of the total meat production worldwide.


Poultry is considered one of the fastest growing sectors of animal industry. This could be easily said, as the statics show the per capita consumption of meat is 90 pounds and the world wide consumption is increasing on a regular basis. Poultry rearing was there in our history for a very long time. The poultry farming is an old concept where the chicken was reared in the backyard and the eggs given by them was consumed by the family. Slowly people moved from that notion and started selling it in the local shops as a small business but later they started investing more and more in chicken farming and soon a whole new concept was started. Some of the poultry productions are Boiler production, egg production, turkey industry, layer industry etc.

Poultry industry is very popular in many countries. Countries like China, US, India and Brazil are some of the highest producers as well as exporter of meat and meat products. A market research report stated that the total output volume of poultry items reached 28.16 million tons, increasing by 1.77% year over year.

Poultry products were there for a very long time, so why is there is a sudden increase in demand for it. Consumers worldwide enjoys having met. Earlier having poultry meat was considered a luxury, only on special celebratory occasions people would indulge them or in certain farms only when the chicken is old it would be consumed. But there’s been a major shift in the eating and consumption habits of people like;

• There has been a major change in the eating habits of people. Meat consumption is no longer a luxury item.
• The rise in spending and lifestyle change has increased the demand.
• Many cultures have meat as an integral part of their custom. So during those times there’s a demand for them like during Christmas the demand for turkey is on a rise.
• Meat is considered very rich in protein content.
• Constant increase in population and growing numbers of meat eaters.
• Famous fast food eateries introducing new meat products.

The Poultry market had seen its ups and downs, the bird flu scare, an increase in the number of meat eaters turning vegan, animal rights organization protesting against cruelty on boilers and economic slowdown. But still there’s no stopping for them.

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