Mobile gaming business will exceed $110 billion by 2018

MOBILE GAMING INDUSTRY TRENDSGame downloads have been the largest money spinners for mobile app stores be it Apple App store or Google’s play store. The upward trend in the gaming industry especially in the mobile segment started at the start of 2014 as the penetration of smartphones began to exceed all expectations. Predications are strong of gaming expenses crossed the $88 billion figure by the end of 2015 (together in all platforms).

Research indicates an 8% annual growth until the industry touches the 110 billion market by 2018.

It’s Mobile gaming all the way:

With the heavy competition and presence of smartphones mobile gaming is ought to receive a rocketing pushing that will surely change the industry forever. At present, according to the stats mobile gaming earns $3 of every $10 spent by gamers worldwide. This contribution is set to rise to $4 of every $10 spent by 2018. Mobile gaming revenues stand at $29 billion at present which is expected to grow at 15% yearly and is projected to be worth $45 billion by the end of 2018. Blogs on gaming has been a vital booster for overall industry turnover, which has shown unprecedented results.

Region wise dominance:

Asia clearly takes the lead in the global mobile gaming market as the region is the largest contributor since 2013. It has been successful in defeating both America and Europe. This leading trend is expected to continue all throughout and 50% of the mobile gaming revenues are projected to root up from the Asian countries in 2018.

Clash of Clans, No1 grossing game, had average daily revenue of $1,387,620, Candy Crush Saga, No2, made $1,097,578


 ‘Free Games’ top the charts:

Due to unlimited customer base for consumer electronics (especially smartphones) mobile games, the concept of “devaluation of games” is showing effects. The days when people had to spend money in order to try out a new game have passed by, today gamers like to get involved in the free games arena and thus most games available on the web have their FREE VERSIONS. As per the research, 90% of total revenue generated on Apple app store in 2014 came from FREE to play titles. It is also seen that the upgrading of old game titles is giving back the expected outcomes as 8 of the top 10 highest grossing games were published in 2013 or even before. On the other hand, 1.2 million new apps introduced in Apple store had no downloads at all which is a sure indicator of things.

Merry times for mobile game developers:

The emerging markets have bought in hay days of game developers all around the world. Most of them have upgraded themselves to develop games for the mobile industry where the major demand resides. Countries like South Korea, China and Japan along with other regions from Asia earn massive revenues from the game development industry; on the whole the Eastern corner of the globe looks the strongest when mobile game development industry is considered. Japan and China fall in at 2nd and 3rd positions respectively as US still holds the leading position. In terms of revenue on Google Play store, US has slipped to the 2nd position whereas Japan has gained the top slot, it is followed by China and South Korea for the 3rd and the 4th spots and Taiwan closes in at 5th. In terms of downloads on Google Play store US stands 1st whereas Brazil and India are surprise markets that need to be watched currently taking the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.