Morning Habits to Aid Your Weight Loss Regime


Obesity is one of the most common problems to the human health around the world. According to World Health Organization (WHO) stats, worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980. Obesity is excess fat accumulation which can have harmful ramifications on ones health. Only way to counter it is to lose all that excess weight and get to the optimal BMI (Body Mass Index) matching ones body.


Weight loss has been around for a long time now. There are several ways in which you can lose weight, conventional and unconventional alike. Exercise, diets, pills, alternate treatments etc, you name it and it exists. People go to extremes to lose weight. It mostly works out with the conventional methods. But all doesn’t go well when using “magic pills” or other unconventional alternatives with people suffering side effects.

Going for the conventional or non-conventional method to achieve your goal is up to you. There are normal things however, that you can do, especially in the morning to boost your quest for weight loss. Mornings set the mood for the day, its when you wake up from slumber and are fresh and relaxed. There can be no better time to do these than morning. Here are some habits that can boost your aim of gaining optimal weight:

Opening Curtains:

One of the best and simplest thing to do at dawn. The blast of the morning sunshine has positive effects on the human mood and energizing effects. For the proof seekers, a study in 2014 suggested that people with access to daily sunshine have lower BMIs compared to those who don’t.


Starting your day with slow and gentle stretching to warm up is advised. Just like a machine, the body needs to be warmed up a bit before you get ready to take on the day ahead. Pulling your knees to your chest, twisting the spine slowly works well for a gentle warm up.


While exercise is one of the most obvious ways to lose weight it also jump starts your metabolism and improves mood. You may feel groggy at the start but will find yourself having more energy as the day progresses.

Breakfast for metabolism:

Breakfast is rightly called the most important meal of the day. Various studies show people who skip breakfast risk being overweight or obese. It is essential for metabolism to work as it should, increases your alertness and helps with blood glucose control.

Staying Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is very important. Studies show that a dehydrated body burns 2% lesser calories and can cause fatigue. It’s always recommended to drink at least 16 ounces of water in the morning to stay hydrated and keep the body from overheating.

Snacks for the day:

Having snacks around can save you each time hunger strikes. Its always advisable to carry healthy and go to snack to satiate your hunger and keep yourself full and satisfied.

Inculcating the tips mentioned above will not only aid you in weight loss but also help achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. It will aid you in achieving the old proverb of “Health is Wealth” in reality as we all know, without good health, there is no happiness, peace or success.