Most Likely Global Dangers in 2015


Risks can be basically divided into Geopolitical, Societal and Environmental

Most-Likely-Global-Dangers-in-20152015 has finally began and the world has lived through the first month (1st lap) of the year, now is the time of the annum where most organization have finished with the warming up and are working towards the accomplishments for the year.  Many risks predicting agencies such as the World Economic Forum also present their reports on things which are mostly likely risky for 2015. It submitted the report on Global Risks 2015-the tenth edition this year which is an indicator of perilous things to come in 2015. Largely; it can be said that no country in this universe, be it a superpower or a poor country is untouched and unaffected by these threats.

Categorization of Risks in 2015:

By the end o 2014 the world has yet again witnessed some troublesome times in the form of conflicts between countries. These fights are mainly in between neighborhood countries and they involve several issues which are unsolved since years. Conflicts in the Middle East region, Ukraine and African countries are the highlighted ones which have already resulted to a massive range of destruction and raised losses of both lives and assets.

The report largely swings in favor of Geopolitical issues and this comes as no surprise as there is a high tension interstate conflict with regional consequences. This is the highest risk faced by mankind.

What is Geopolitics?

Geopolitics is a Greek term which is a study of politics related to geography/land. It studies the effects of geography including both human and physical related to international politics and international relationships between countries.

Followed by interstate conflicts risks, extreme weather events is the next big risk that is posing as a universal threat. This is named under the environmental crises faced by the globe, other failures such as unemployment or underemployment, economic failures and state collapse or crises are perils the world is facing in 2015.

Region wise threats in 2015:

  • North America- Failure of critical infrastructure (Economical), cyber attacks (technological), failure in understanding climatic changing events (Environmental).
  • Europe- Unemployment or underemployment (Economical), insightful social unsteadiness (Societal).
  • Latin America- Caribbean (included) – Failure in national governance (Geopolitical), profound social instability (Societal) and failure in urban planning (Societal).
  • Middle East and South Africa- interstate conflicts (Geopolitical), social instability (Societal and water crises (Societal).
  • Sub-Saharan Africa- Spread of infectious diseases (Societal), food crises (Societal) and unemployment and underemployment (Economical).
  • Central Asia (including Russia) – Terror attacks (Geopolitical); energy prices hike (Economical) and instate conflicts (Geopolitical).
  • South Asia- Water shortage (Societal), failure in urban planning (Societal) and Terror attacks (Geopolitical).
  • East Asia and Asia Pacific- Man-made calamities (Environmental) instate conflicts (Geopolitical) and failure in urban planning (Societal).