Motivational Speaking: 7 Characteristics and 7 Stumbling Blocks


We are human beings and we have emotions. Every task, be personal or professional, is driven by emotions. But how can emotions help us achieve goals?

It is now when a Motivational Speaker comes into play. MOTIVATION is an instrument which channels our emotions, our passion, toward the desired goal. A motivational speaker is a rhetoric specialist who tries to inspire the audience through strong oral and written communications. The speaker’s discourse generally aims at challenging or modifying the audience’s ideas and beliefs relating to a particular subject. He/she tries to enlighten listeners emotionally, professionally and spiritually.

Know more about Motivational Speaking with the below listed 9 features:

  1. Degrees are not counted, experience is:

Anybody who has experience and knowledge in abundance can become a motivational speaker. No course or diplomas have been designed for motivational speaking so far.

  1. If subject’s strong, speeches last long:

A motivational speaker generally picks a subject which has had an impact on his/her life and perception. Only great amount of knowledge and experience in that subject can make one a successful motivational speaker.

  1. Speaking is no hard work, it’s smart work:

Each person has a different way of narrating a story. A motivational speaker is the one who brings a new twist, creates a new perception and surprises the audience with the same story. Yes, communication style matters.

  1. A speaker is not only friends with a stage and mike, but also with pen and paper:

Motivational speaking is mostly backed by motivational writing. Speakers write blogs, novels and other form of articles to express their ideas and market themselves. In fact, many speakers are authors of best-selling books.

“A motivational speaker’s subject for discussion is always the product of his eternal passion.”


  1. Brings fame, brings money:

Motivational speakers are paid fair to speak at events or workshops. In the US, popular speakers earn USD 20,000 to USD 50,000 per speaking session.

  1. Motivational speakers- Wanted everywhere!

High demand for motivational speakers is seen in organisations like schools, colleges and corporate firms. They can be seen in retreats, seminars, workshops, etc. Plus, there are market barriers for public speaking.

  1. Icing on the cake- INTERNET:

With social media platforms and YouTube, speakers can engage with their audience worldwide. Many motivational speakers have their own sites and blogs. They also offer webinars, podcasts, online courses, etc.

Thanks to these features, the value of the motivational speaking market has exceeded USD 1bn. In the US alone, there are over 50,000 professional motivational speakers.

Now, have a look at these 7 problems that the motivational speaking market is facing:

  1. There are no trade associations, trade magazines or journals for this industry.
  2. People are more interested in technical skills training than self-help and motivational lessons.
  3. Number of people participating in motivational seminars has decreased. They prefer online learning over live seminars.
  4. Prominent motivational Gurus are retiring. Some have passed away.
  5. There is a lack of motivational speakers for the younger generation.
  6. All motivational speakers do not earn well. Only celebrities, businessmen, sportsmen or VIPs enjoy high income.
  7. If a speaker gets trapped in some scandal, he tends to lose his fame and audience.