Multiplexes – Having a Blockbuster Growth


MultiplexesPremiering At the Box office

Movies have always been the greatest mode of entertainment ever since its emergence. The motion pictures have always been a fascination for everyone. And the places where these cinemas are exhibited are known as cinema halls or movie theaters. They are generally large soundproof auditoriums with a big screen in which people assemble and the film is projected on a large projection screen at the front of the auditorium. Earlier there were only single screen theaters in which only one film can be played at a time, which sometimes created chaos for the movie banners as well as the cinema goers. The production houses did not find the place to screen their films at correct time as they were already occupied and the people had to wander from one theater to another to see their favorite pictures and that too at different places. As a result the production houses suffered a huge amount of loss and the people returned disappointed without getting the tickets. The resolution to this problem came in the form of multiplex.

Multiplexes are movie theatre complex with multiple screens, generally with six to ten or more screens. In them several films can be screened at the same time. The concept of multiplex emerged in Canada back in 1962 with opening of a dual screen theatre in Place Ville Marie in Montreal, Quebec, and at Yorkdale Plaza in Toronto, Ontario in 1964. They have a very soothing air-conditioned ambience, comfy seats, Dolby digital DTS sound, digital screening and 3D effects.  There are separate categories of seats ranging from executive, premium and gold class. They can accommodate large number of people in them as compared to single screen theatre. They are mainly built inside or adjacent malls and other shopping complexes. The tickets in them are usually a little high priced. Along with it there are food courts, eateries and popcorn counters. Additionally, there are several other facilities that are available in these arenas which are not present in other halls. They have not only helped film industry to grow and showcase their movies at a much larger way but also given the people, lot of choices to choose from a variety of films screened at the same point of time. And with the rapid expansion of the malls, they are seeing a quantum growth too. Due to development in this sector, the revenue is rapidly earned by the production houses instead of waiting for a longer period. This industry of movie theatres in Japan, United States, Spain, China, is flourishing on a full scale and now it is following the lead in India too.  Cinema industry, media and entertainment industry are gaining high profits because of this.

In India cinema chains such as INOX, PVR, SPI Cinemas, Cinemax and Big cinemas are changing the rules of exhibition in the world’s largest film industry. The multiplexes in India are growing at 10% per annum driven by multiplexes, which are growing swiftly in major metropolitan cities as well as second and three tier cities. Favorable statistics in a cinema-crazy country, tax exemptions, and quality locations such as malls, are driving growth of multiplexes in India.