Network Forensics Market – Scope of Defence against Future Cyber-Attacks

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Technology is everywhere and it means everything for our daily use. From a student to a professional in any field, it sets out a world full of opportunities that not only helps to extend our skills and talents, but also gives us the potential to be creative and productive. While we speak about technology here, we use various types of digital and electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, which have given us an access to the world.

 Another factor that makes our system less secure is our experience to deal with virus or some form of malware. It is true that the security of our systems and devices is something we are always concerned about. Hackers are now becoming more advanced with every new technology launched. The threats are real and it is only our vigilance that will keep our networks and devices protected in the long run.

When it comes to businesses, it is necessary to analyse and build a robust security system. Although we may adopt all possible ways to keep our devices virus free, considering the human factor, it is not possible for anything to be 100% secure. Hence, following escalating data thefts and cyber-attacks across enterprises, rise in traffic on network systems, and increasing demand for cloud-based network forensics solutions, the need for a network forensic expert has proven to be essential.

Network Forensics is linked to the inspection of any evidence that is left behind on a network after a cyber-attack. It basically examines all the website traffic alleged of use in cyber-crimes. These evidences are instrumental in looking for clues and weaknesses that may have led to the breach of the network. The global network forensics market size is expected to grow from an estimated value of US$ 1.3 billion in 2022 to US$ 2.2 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 11.2% from 2022 to 2027. However, lack of skilled expertise, lack of infrastructure to store all the data packets are some of the factors that are expected to hinder the market growth.

Professional services include consulting, training & education, design and integrations, and maintenance & support. The professionals use the latest techniques, comprehensive strategies, and skills to fulfill the security requirements of the organization. The vendors offer threat intelligence, risk assessment and forensics analysis, among other services, via industry-defined best practices.

With rapid digitalization and changing regulatory norms, customers need continuous guidance from network forensics solution implementation experts. This expertise helps consumers design customized solutions for their business processes and be aware of the return on investment (RoI) made by them in their security platform.

The on-premises deployment is the traditional approach in which solutions are implemented and operated from customers’ in-house servers across enterprises. On-premises solutions provide organizations with full control over all the platforms, applications, systems, and data, which can be handled and managed by their own IT staff. An organization where user credentials are critical for business operations would have on-premises deployment as the systems are controlled by the organization itself.

Due to COVID-19, the demand for cloud-based services has significantly increased due to the highly adopted trend of remote work. This has impacted the revenue generated by the network forensics on-premise solutions. However, on-premises deployment mode plays a significant role in safeguarding a company’s crucial information from cyber intruders. Therefore, it is expected to dominate the network forensics market during the forecast period.

 With effective government regulations and technological advancements, the network forensics market is witnessing tremendous growth opportunities in this region. Various developments are taking place in the Asia Pacific region concerning the adoption of forensics technologies, such as network forensics tools, BI compliance tools, cloud, analytics, and rapid infrastructure development. Increasing advancements in mobility and cloud adoption and growing mandatory compliances with government regulations to resolve data security issues have forced enterprises to adopt network forensics solutions.

Major vendors offering network forensics solutions includes: Fireeye ([now Trellix], US), Cisco Systems (US), IBM Corporation (US), Broadcom Inc. (US), NETSCOUT Systems, Inc. (US), RSA Security, LLC (US), VIAVI Solutions (US), Novetta Solutions, LLC (US), SolarWinds Corporation (US), Palo Alto Networks, Inc.(US), SonicWall (US), OpenText Corporation (Canada), ManageEngine (US), LogRhythm, Inc. (US), NIKSUN (US), Corelight, Inc. (US), Securonix (US), and VectraAI, Inc. (US). Some emerging startups, such as LiveAction (US), Vehere, Inc. (US), Cysight.ai ([IdeaData], Israel), CorCystems (US), GrayLog, Inc. (US), and Endace Ltd.

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