Noodles: Serving an Instant Growth Factor


Twisty and curly Appetite  

NoodlesSometimes you come home hungry and desperately look for something to eat. But all the other stuff requires a hell lot of toil to prepare and you are in no mood to do that. You seek something quick so that you can fill up your grumbling belly. At this time, many of us go for a twist, curl, string type food that satisfies our tummy in a short time. And this twist food item is known as ‘Noodles’. It is a chow that can be prepared and consumed quickly.

The noodle is a type of foodstuff that is prepared from a type of unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut into one of a range of shapes. While long, thin strips may be the most common, many forms of noodles are cut into waves, helices, tubes, strings or shells, or folded over or cut into other shapes. Noodles are commonly cooked in boiling water, sometimes with cooking oil or salt added. Instant noodles types or ramen are in dried or in precooked form and are generally sold in packets including flavoring powder or seasoning oil. They are commonly eaten after being cooked or soaked in boiling water, while precooked ones can be reheated or eaten directly from the package itself. Several other kinds of ingredients can also be added along with it to add to its taste and tang. Egg, Misoa, Cellophane and  Rice Stick Noodles are some of the types available in the market.

The noodle industry has not only flourished worldwide, but has concreted itself in the Indian market as well. This food product has got a huge demand among the Indian consumers. Since it works as a quick munch and takes less time to prepare and eat, it is very popular among the housewives, mothers, kids and youngsters. Apart from the regular noodle dishes available in the restaurants and eateries, the packed instant noodle is a huge hit among the people. Along with the noodles, the ready to eat pasta is also gaining an equal amount of momentum, too. Companies like Nestlé, Glaxo-Smithkline, Hindustan Unilever Limited have their various products like Maggi, Ching’s Secret and Knorr Soupy Noodles which are very popular in every household. Now the companies are even adding and promising healthy additives in their products like mineral, vitamin and protein.

Along with the passing years, there has been a change in consumers’ tastes and eating habits, and their wider global exposure, alongside an increasingly younger population, the growth in the middle class, with more nuclear families, and the growing time-poverty has given a boost to the convenience food segment. As a result, the instant noodles market has graphed a high growth trajectory due to its availability, affordability, anytime-anywhere consumption and convenience, being a quick meal requiring minimal cooking. Instant noodles have also developed from being a snack food or an occasional eating option, to a mainstream cuisine choice featuring regularly in consumers’ grocery baskets. According a research analysis report, the ever widening purchaser’s acceptance, makes it a lucrative option for the FMCG sector. The market is estimated to register an earning of USD 402.7 million and is projected to grow at a healthy annual rate of 15% over the next few years.