Now Google Plans to enter the telecom sector, in talks with operators


Google Plans to enter the telecom sectorThe global telecom industry may see a massive explosive change in a few months from now if the grapevine is to be trusted. There are unconfirmed reports that GOOGLE is planning to enter the telecom industry on a global platform and for the same there are attempts of discussion with the leading players of the industry in different parts of the globe. Google is said to eye the telecom sector and therefore had declared that it is planning to launch its own telecom services, which would be in collaboration of course. Hence, the Internet giant was in talks with Hutchison Whatmpoa, the owner of the mobile operating company THREE. This move is aimed at providing aboard calling services to Americans at no additional costs at all.

Both the massive players in their respective sectors are believed to have discussed the wholesale access deal that if happens would be a vital element in Google’s plan to flip the US mobile market with the service of its own network. The company initially plans to enter the US mobile operating market and later spread wings to other parts of the world.


Google plans to bring a revolution in the global telecom business


Google is planning to provide a service which cost the same for all calls, texts and Internet data no matter what the consumer plans to utilize, irrespective of their location of use. Talks with Hutchison is termed to be an intelligent move by the industry observers as by linking with the operator it will get wholesale network access to US, UK, Ireland and Italy. It is sure to acquire network access in several other regions especially the Asian part of the world where there are maximum number of users; all this is possible as the Hong Kong based company owns mobile networks in most countries of the world.

Google as mentioned had announced of its entering the telecom industry last month and it also made it clear that it is eyeing to capture wholesale deals and not looking to build small pockets. It is aiming at snatching the present users by giving them both services at domestic and foreign platforms.

Think tanks from the sector predict that such a move of entering the US mobile network operating market would bring up a pressuring time for the present industry frontrunner companies like AT&T and Verizon. These entities are currently enjoying a big crunch of profits which is more than that of their European competitors. Hence, there is a massive price slash which is expected to happen if Google goes well with its plans.

Google is also expected to give birth to several innovations if it starts its telecom operations, one such instance would be using the Wi-Fi networks to improve network quality during mobile calls. Similarly, it is assumed to get in some never-before investments in the segment of Internet infrastructure. This is ought to improve the Internet presence in areas where it is lacking.

Predicting an entry in the UK is seen unlikely as the British telecom sector is hugely competitive and the roaming charges are already about nothing and on the verge of abolishment by the regulators. Hence, we can presume that the trend changing collaboration will not have its presence in the UK anytime soon at least.