Congratulations!!! India now leads the world mobile user growth chat

The Internet Trends Report for the year is out. As most of us are aware that the verdict is as good as a holy book for any person who understands technology and its related world, tells go through in detail about what the report has to say (especially about
May 29, 2015

Chinese Medical Device Industry on its way to the top

Therapeutic appliances and consumables are strengths of the Chinese Medical device Industry Business potentials in China is no more an unknown fact to the world, representing 1/5th of the global population it is a treasure for businesses as workforce availability is the most. Being the most populated nation it

Flourishing Packed Juice Industry in India

Nectar Drinks account to a share of 10% of the market The practice of consuming real fruit juices exist in India since long. The country is known for its fresh fruit cultivations and the different sorts of fruits that are popular all around the globe. However, most of these

Most Likely Trends from Technology Industry for 2015

The bygone year was an absolute important one for technology. There were too many essential innovations done resulting in new products, the tech industry was exposed to another level of smartness. “Wearable device technology is now a necessity from once being a fantasy.” This pattern of modernism is expected

Indian Footwear Industry to touch 38,700 cores INR by 2015

Per capita consumption of shoes in India is 2.5 shoes per year India is emerging as a superpower in various industrial segments; many resources are vitally important and help this development trend of the economy. The Indian footwear industry is also on the same developing stage; in fact it

Connected Car Technology-A new revolution in the automobile industry

Now stay connected to your car 24×7 What will you try doing if you happen to get stuck in isolation with your car, a vehicle of course is a non-living thing and useless in such a situation. It can very well take you to places but the problem is
Oct 28, 2014

Commercial Vehicles Industry-Traveling towards profitable future

Rough roads with essential milestones to be achieved The European Union defined Commercial Vehicles as the ones which carry business goods for business purpose or carry paid passengers from one destination to another. In simple words, vehicles utilized with a profit making motto are termed as Commercial Vehicles. This
Oct 10, 2014

Global Digital Camera Market: sell up to 171.7 million units by 2020

75% of the shipment accounts to compact digital camera units with built in lens Users from all around the world are familiar with digital cameras; the ones which are in built in their smartphones. The market for digital cameras (cams) generally seems to have taken a big beating due

Commercial Aircraft Seating Industry to have windfall gains by 2017

Aviation seating segment to grow with highest growth rate to China Aviation is a fast growing industry which is preparing for higher growth rates with every passing financial year. It is a sector linked with multiple sub-sectors that either helps in enhancing or declining this growth. Aircraft seating segment

Insight on World Gems and Jewels Business

High Volatility factor has come to a rest enabling long term planning for exporters  Use of gems and jewelry has been in practice for ages now. There is no proper evidence indicating the inception of this practice but it is present in all traditions globally, customs and cultures. These