Congratulations!!! India now leads the world mobile user growth chat

The Internet Trends Report for the year is out. As most of us are aware that the verdict is as good as a holy book for any person who understands technology and its related world, tells go through in detail about what the report has to say (especially about
May 29, 2015

Telematics Industry in India: Growth and Opportunities

Growing crimes on the move is increasing the need for Auto Telematics in India Telematics is a technology that includes computers and wireless telecommunications allegedly to communicate information over several networks. These include vehicular technologies, road safety and transportation networks, electrical engineering systems and of course the Internet connectivity

DIWALI-Expected to Spark Profitable trends into the Indian Economy

Diwali- is among the biggest festivals celebrated in India and most parts of the world. It is believed to be a fest which is commemorated the victory of good or evil. Lights, sweets and new dresses are the highlights of the carnival thus shopping in an integral part of

India- Hotspot for consumer electronics and wearable technologies

80% of Indian buyers interested in fitness monitoring wearable gadgets India is world’s largest democracy with a fast growing population. The country in terms of head counts only lacks China and according to the recent reports this gap is steadily reducing constantly. With massive population growth the country is

India –The Largest SMB Country in the World

Indian SMB IT industry to spend around US36 billion by 2015 Small and Medium Business (SMB) industry has always been an integral part of Indian economy. Since the independence era, small and medium size business units have introduced themselves and provided a helping hand to the enhancement to the
Jun 20, 2014

The Highs and Lows of the Indian BPO Industry!!

Service and Deliverance  In today’s date, most of us often calls on numbers for some kind of need or assistance, be it related to query or complaint of product, service, direction or for finding out the correct information we want about a particular thing. The voice on the other

Banking Industry: Backbone of the Indian Economy

The word ‘Bank’ came from an Italian word meaning ‘Banco’. In Italy, benches were kept in the market place to transact the business. Such banco arrangements were used to be made for smooth exchange of money and other bills of the business. A Bank is nothing but a financial plans to go all mobile

India’s largest online shopping hub for branded clothes and accessories is planning to wipe out its website presence completely. At a juncture where both Flipkart and Myntra’s sales figure hit the BIG $1 billion mark the later is planning to do away with its website presence on the

Security Breaches – Mobile and Computers Alike

Today technology is everywhere and means everything for our daily use. As a young professional, it means a world full of opportunities helping me to extend my skills and talents. Be it education, business or for personal use, it gives us the potential to be creative and productive. Speaking
Aug 20, 2019

The Rise of Extremities in the name of “Online Games”

The first time I was introduced to an online gaming world was with Need for Speed, a racing simulator. I can still remember the fun and thrill of challenging and playing against a real player instead of regular computer AI. That’s when I explored this space which is just virtual,
Oct 6, 2017