Comprehensive study of the Global Mobile Applications Industry up to 2017

Couple of blogs ago I covered the status of mobile applications within India, it was a detailed version on how the e commerce business fueling the mobile app revenues. Today I have prepared to go global on the same subject. Having a mobile application of own is no more

Indian Banking and Finance Sector gearing for a makeover

Bandhan Financial Services becomes first micro-financing institution to get Banking License  The Indian economy has been famous for its crisis withstanding capacities (2008 global economic downfall-a great example). According to RBI (Reserve Bank of India) also known as the Central Bank Authority of the nation indicates that the banking

Global Cord Blood Services industry estimated to peg to $ 15.2 bn by 2019

The concept of “Cord Blood’ and its related service are among the top headlines in the global healthcare circle. According to the recent reports on the upcoming medical technology, it is all staged to extensively expand on a global range. The developments are projected to be of massive kinds

Cord Blood Market News

Bioinfomant – a worldwide leading blood cells research firm has come up with a new finding. It has researched and found that HST (Hematopoietic Stem Cells) transplant is the leading cell therapy performed all over the world. These stem cells are present in the Umbilical cord blood and considered
Mar 16, 2015

3G network becomes conventional in Indian mobile Internet market

3G subscribers consume thrice the data consumed by their 2G counterparts Within few years of using Internet on mobile phones India has been able to convert the speed and upgrade it from 2G to 3G networks. Usage of web through cell phones (smartphones today) has become a thing of
Feb 27, 2015

Ebola: Threat, Research and towards Cure

Medical experts feel that the world is behind in time in crossing the bridge on EBOLA EBOLA- the life threatening virus was first discovered in the year 1976 when it first broke out in the western Africa region. It happened in a small village of Yambuku where almost 5%

Notable Step in Commercialization of iPSCs

This infographic indicates the importance of commercialization of Induced Pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The graph below illustrates the 26 iPSCs research studies that are going on, it is indicated with regards to the continents in which they are carried out. 26 iPSCs Clinical Studies globally for the creation and
Oct 20, 2014

Crucial Retail Banking Trends 2014

Banking world undergoes a makeover Couple of years in the recent past has been havoc for world economies. Giant financially armed countries had to manage a situation of hand to mouth which was getting tougher with every sunset. This condition spread to all countries of the globe and was

Headphones-Musically Making Millions of Dollars in Electronic Segment

Headphones…a world of my own! Many a times you want to listen to your favourite song or tracks while you are moving or travelling somewhere but you are not able to. You want to play it in the house, but you might not be able to as it might

Global Battery Market Analysis

International primary and also additional battery marketplaces are predictable to grow significantly due to fast industrialization, GDP and financial development in most of the creating and growing countries. The restoration plans of most of the countries from the recent financial recession have given inspiration to industrialization, thereby giving improved