Guideline to Mobile Wallets, the future of Payments

With the crucial penetration of e-commerce in India, the way people are buying their things is changing immensely and so is the mode of payments. Mobile Payment technology is catching up fast and thick among online buyers. The inclusion of credit or debit cards is fading away though there

Indian Mobile Payment Industry posing a CAGR of a monstrous 140.87% for 2014-18

CAGR up by more than 100% since 2012 Based with more than 900 million mobile subscribers, India is a growing market for mobile Internet services. The country has around 213 million mobile Internet users by June 2015. There were around 173 million mobile web users by the end of
Jun 17, 2015


Mobile gaming business will exceed $110 billion by 2018 Game downloads have been the largest money spinners for mobile app stores be it Apple App store or Google’s play store. The upward trend in the gaming industry especially in the mobile segment started at the start of 2014 as
Jun 10, 2015

Congratulations!!! India now leads the world mobile user growth chat

The Internet Trends Report for the year is out. As most of us are aware that the verdict is as good as a holy book for any person who understands technology and its related world, tells go through in detail about what the report has to say (especially about
May 29, 2015

Global Automobile Industry Trends 2015

Driverless and other automation technologies are things to be watched in the auto industry Best sales figures in the automobile sector are one of the few good things that happened before the global economic downfall in 2008-09. In the year 2006, the global sales of automobile around the world
Apr 29, 2015 plans to go all mobile

India’s largest online shopping hub for branded clothes and accessories is planning to wipe out its website presence completely. At a juncture where both Flipkart and Myntra’s sales figure hit the BIG $1 billion mark the later is planning to do away with its website presence on the

Apple Inc books $18 billion- the highest quarterly profits in history

Company’s Quarterly profits smashes the Wall Street expectations All previous highs of the Wall Street have been wiped out by the latest sparkling figures put up by the tech giant Apple Inc with the help of its latest big screen smart device introduction-iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Some big

Connected Car Technology-A new revolution in the automobile industry

Now stay connected to your car 24×7 What will you try doing if you happen to get stuck in isolation with your car, a vehicle of course is a non-living thing and useless in such a situation. It can very well take you to places but the problem is
Oct 28, 2014

Global Market for Mobile Accessories Industry to touch $ 84.6 bn by 2018

Smart phones driving global mobile accessories segment to windfall profits Smart phones are an in thing for the current era of communication, the growth in sales of these smarter versions of mobile communication devices is forceful as they are acquiring bulk profits year after year. The requirement for the
Oct 16, 2014

Global Mobile Services Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 2.26 % by the Year 2016

Have you noticed how many times you see a mobile service advertisement while surfing the net or TV, reading a newspaper. Sometimes the visibility is much more than that of a mobile phone. Every day thousands of people buy mobile phones and with that they buy various service providers.